4 Most Common Addictions Today – Where Does Yours Come In?

Addiction is one of those terms you might throw around when referring to someone who is a shoe addict, but it is a term that is used seriously when referring to someone addicted to drugs or alcohol. Unfortunately, however, too much of anything, even if you believe it’s completely harmless, can be bad for you. While many are aware of the dangers of drug or alcohol addiction, most aren’t aware of other things that they could quickly become addicted to. Below are some of the most common addictions today.

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1. Drug Addiction

Prescription and illicit drug use are still the number one addiction in the country. To date, millions of Americans are reportedly addicted to drugs. Drug addiction can wreak havoc on the lives of those addicted and those closest to them, causing financial issues, emotional issues, broken relationships, lost careers, reckless behavior, theft, and, in extreme cases, even death.

Drug addiction, depending on the type of drug, length of use, and personal circumstances, can be hard to beat on your own. This is especially true for heavy street drugs like heroin and cocaine. To get clean, you’d likely need to work with a facility like Luminance, an Orange County cocaine detox center where you can get professional assistance.

2. Gambling

[pullquote]Hitting the slots in Atlantic City or Las Vegas can be a great pastime for those who love the bright lights and thrill that comes with winning.[/pullquote] Though gambling can be fun, the thrill of winning sends signals to the pleasure center of the brain, often giving off the feeling of being high or on cloud nine.

However, many end up getting wrapped up in the web of gambling as they chase the thrill of winning time and time again.

Gambling addictions can lead to significant financial issues, damaged relationships and more. It also may not be as easy as avoiding the slot machines or online poker games and may require professional help.

3. Social Media

The rise of social media has created a new addiction – instantaneous attention and feedback. While some hop online to share pictures, chat with friends, conduct business, or research information, others are so obsessed with social media that they’ll spend every waking moment interacting and waiting to respond to commenters. Though it may not seem like much of a problem to spend hours upon hours chatting it up with friends, liking pictures, and sharing memes, too much social media can cause problems.

Some become so desperate for attention and validation from their followers that they have to post and share every aspect of their lives. Others check their phones every few seconds to see social media updates to the point that nothing else is getting done.

When addicted to social media, you begin to neglect other important things in life. While social media may be a part of your personal or professional life if you’ve reached the point that checking a tweet matters more than meeting a deadline or having other forms of fun it may be time to unplug and take a step back.

4. Video Games

Video games are a lot of fun for people of all ages. From children playing Super Mario Brothers to teens and young adults shooting it out on Call of Duty, the idea of playing and winning is often what lures the addiction. As video games become more complex, allowing for virtual reality experience and real-time action with other online players, it can be really easy for gamers to get caught up in the competition of it all. [pullquote]While some game for hours just to win, others get emotionally involved and connected prompting them to want to use the game more and more.[/pullquote]

While you may believe an addiction to a video game might do nothing more than cause the wife to yell at you, it can lead to mood changes like depression, anxiety, or stress. It can also cause conflict in familial relationships. Instead, play video games in moderation giving yourself a few hours each week to enjoy some gaming fun.

While addictions to drugs and gambling might not surprise you, other activities that you carry out throughout the day like playing a video game or engaging in social media can quickly change from something fun and entertaining to full-blown addiction. Addictions can ruin your personal and professional life. To avoid the consequences of addiction either eliminate, modify, or reduce the amount of time you’re spending on these activities. Lastly, if you need help with an addiction listed above or otherwise, reach out to experts for guidance and understanding.

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4 Most Common Addictions Today – Where Does Yours Come In?

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