4 DIY Home Projects To Finally Tackle

Most every homeowner would love to do some home projects to add safety, convenience, and value to their investment; however, people are so busy these days it is difficult to accomplish all of those home chores. If you have some DIY projects you’ve been meaning to do, now is the time to start getting them done. Here are four to check off your list.

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1. Light Up Your Life

Changing the lighting in your home provides a large and instant positive effect on the appearance of your space and mood, so it makes sense that 55 percent of homeowners take on lighting projects early in their own home upgrade strategies. You don’t have to do all the lighting at once or run up a huge bill to install brand-new lighting fixtures. Instead, upgrade key fixtures that require something new.

2. Change Your Air Filter

Keeping your home running efficiently, effectively, and safely is vital. Changing your home air filter can help you do all of that. DIY experts recommend changing filters monthly and always keeping a spare on hand at all times.

Take a moment to log your filter’s size and pick up a bulk pack — featuring a MERV rating of 5 to 8 — to make it easier to take on this simple but crucial DIY task each month. Once you have your new filter, remove the old one and replace it, adjusting it to the direction of the airflow.

3. Install A Home Security System

Protecting your family, home, and valuables is an important part of homeownership, and this DIY project is one you’ll want to approach with great care. Start by determining which security camera system best suits your needs.

New 4K Ultra HD IP camera systems from Lorex, for example, offer remarkable clarity and incredibly vivid video recording, so any event recorded will — even from a distance — be easy to decipher. Additionally, the cameras are equipped with Color Night Vision technology, which means they capture full-color video at night (as long as there is ambient lighting available).

4. Add Shelving Units

If you are ready to remove the clutter around your home, building new shelving units could make a huge difference. Whether you want to build floor-based or wall-mounted units, you can get creative on this project.

Visit your local home improvement store to find supplies like varied-sized pipes, bolts, wooden boards, an assembly diagram, special tools and more. Once finished, you will enjoy the accomplishment of your new shelves and the ability to organize and create extra space.

Get Started On Your Own DIY Home Projects

Regardless of what DIY home projects you start first, you will love the feeling of adding joy and value to your home. Even if you can only do DIY projects little by little, you can still enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Whether performing practical tasks such as changing filters, organizational endeavors that include adding shelving units, beautifying projects like sprucing up your lighting or security jobs such as adding a new monitoring system, keep in mind that you are making your home warmer, safer, happier and more valuable with each chore.

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