Sprinkle A Dash Of Splendor In Your Home With Wall Sconces

When we set out to revamp our space, we decide almost immediately that what we need to start with is the furniture. Whether reupholstering Grandpa Rick’s easy chair or splurging on a Saarinen coffee table, the last thing we think about replacing is the lighting. A quick glance around you and you will probably find that if you improve your lighting, perhaps by adding a couple wall sconces, could potentially fix whatever you felt was missing in the room.

That’s just it; the lighting in our house is just as important as the furniture. It seems that home design magazines and websites mainly feature ways to style your home using an accent rug or streamlined dining room table. We may not realize it right away, but it’s the lighting in the house that sets the tone in the space, not just the objects that fill it up. If you really want to change up the pace and renovate your home, you’ve got to start with the lighting. What’s one way to do that? With wall sconces.

Now Hear Me Out… Before you decide to go ahead and order your Gus Modern sofa, imagine it sitting in a dark, poorly lit room. What good is refurbishing your home with designer furniture if you can’t see the finely detailed stitching or experience its rich, full-bodied color? Color, texture and accents cannot be fully appreciated for what they are without light. The design plasticity of the wall sconce can either blend into your room seamlessly or hang on the wall like a work of art itself; much like the fabulous design pieces already spread throughout your home. Take a look at the Philips designed Sail LED Wall Sconce.

This wall sconce (as probably guessed by the name) mimics the movement of a sail as a gust of wind whips it on the open water. The aerodynamic design of the Philips wall sconce was created to catch the eye with its notable lighting effect. Producing an hourglass effect on the wall, this wall sconce creates movement through forcing the viewer’s eye to move up and down along the wall. The hourglass display can highlight a picture hung on the wall or an Eames House Bird sitting atop your console table.

The incredible thing about light is that it can be used in any number of ways. While it’s easy to think your options are limited, a quick glance at wall sconces offered by places like Lumens quickly assures you of the opposite. Maybe you want an accent light to showcase your design-savvy skills. Or perhaps you would prefer a task light with an extending arm so that you can focus the spotlight on the painting you’re working on or the book you’re reading. Perhaps you want it for ambient light, because as we all know, a room is not complete without the right lighting accouterments such as wall sconces.

Let’s look at the Spyro wall sconce by Kichler as an example. The design of this fixture not only brings arabesque forms to your room through its curved shade and overlapping circles on its honey-colored accented glass, but it produces a soft, amber light. This warm light filters into the room and creates a safe, comfortable space. What’s great about a wall sconce like this, is it can be used anywhere in the house; whether that be the hallway, living room, or bedroom. The question is, how does light make a space feel secure? Through a soft brightness. A white light feels clinical and stringent while an amber light almost seems to reflect the end of a warm summer’s day.

When we feel comfortable in our environment, we’re more willing to stay put and make use out of it. Whether that’s hosting more parties or just hanging out, our space is our own. When put to good use, light provides safety and sets a tone. It shines a spotlight on family game night or on your prized first print edition of Virginia Woolf’s “Mrs. Dalloway.” Wall sconces provide both design aesthetic and function – the desire of every Modernist out there.

How To Complete A Room Using Wall Sconces

Wall Sconces Lighting Guide

Wall Sconces Lighting Guide

Wall Sconces Lighting Guide