4 Geeky Ways To Stay Safe While Working Naked

Whether you’re literally working naked, birthday suit and all, or figuratively working naked — without the support of the corporate workplace — staying safe while working from home is important. After all, if for some reason you can’t work, who’s going to cover for you? These four gadgets can help you stay safe and stay on track when you’re working from home.

Working from home can be lonely, especially with everyone gone all day, but what if someone unexpected walks into your home office? If you’re focused intently on your computer and someone taps on your shoulder, you could spring off your chair and fracture something.

1. Star Trek Electronic Door Chime

It’s motion-activated – It lets you know anytime anyone crosses your home office threshold. No more surprise visitors.

Stay Safe While Working Naked

2. Mini-Robot Vacuum

Let’s face it… when there’s no one around to pick up after you, your home office can resemble a frat house after a weekend party. The mini-robot vacuum can suck up the extra crumbs that could otherwise clog your keyboard. It’s the perfect arrangement: you work while someone else cleans.

Stay Safe While Working Naked

3. ANYTHING Scissors

You probably won’t run through your home office with scissors, but why be vulnerable to a little snip here and a little cut there if you happen to drop a pair of scissors while you’re working naked? You can access these scissors quickly, but until you need them, they’re safely tucked away in a holder, away from any vital parts.

Stay Safe While Working Naked

4. Shark Attack Mug

Some people can’t function without that first cup of coffee in the morning, and they will go after anyone who tries to steal their cup. Keep your coffee safe with the shark attack mug. Who will want to steal your cup of coffee if while they’re drinking they see a scary shark’s mouth at the bottom of the mug?

Stay Safe While Working Naked