4 Important Reasons Why You Need A Residential Addiction Treatment

If you have been trying to overcome your alcohol or drug addiction for a long period of time and have been trying many drug treatments but still have been unsuccessful in overcoming your substance abuse, you have to give inpatient rehab treatment a chance.

If you really want to break free from your alcohol addiction or substance abuse once and for all, getting residential treatment is the best way to achieve that goal. While there are many rehab centers offering outpatient treatments, those offering inpatient treatment facilities should offer the following benefits.

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1. Get Medical Detoxification

The medical detoxification is the first and most important step in the recovery process. An addict experiences a variety of withdrawal symptoms as he quits drugs or alcohol abuse. Those symptoms can be painful, uncomfortable, and life-threatening.

When you undergo medical detoxification, you gradually withdraw from substance addiction safely and effectively. Residential treatment centers provide clean, comfortable, and safe facilities to carry out the medical detox process. The medical experts design a special detox program depending on your condition by combining a variety of therapies including nutritional therapy, medical therapy, physical exercise programs, and many others.

2. Safe And Secure Residential Treatment Facility

One of the biggest reasons why you need to undergo an intensive addiction treatment at an inpatient rehab center is that the facility is safe and secure. This facility separates you from the temptations and triggers that are found in the outside world and your home environment.

Most residential treatment facilities feature high-quality individualized treatment programs such as non 12 step recovery that are tailored to fit your unique needs. You will be provided with all the comfort and amenities of home in a professional inpatient rehab facility. Most importantly, you will be continuously under the strict supervision of the medical staff to ensure that you are safe at all times.

3. Intensive Recovery Treatments

You will be given an intensive treatment that’s highly structured and tailored to your needs once you are mentally and medically stable. Your comprehensive treatment plan is created by combining a wide variety of therapies and training including individual and group therapy, therapeutic techniques, holistic healing, life and coping skills training, and many more.

During your comprehensive treatment program, you will be provided with the tools, support, and encouragement you need to overcome your addiction. Many residential rehab facilities provide treatment programs that last 28-30 days while other facilities may offer 90 days programs or longer. The longer you stay at an inpatient facility, the better will be your recovery outcomes.

4. Aftercare Services

Although completing a residential addiction treatment program is a major accomplishment, it’s not the end of your recovery. When you get back to your normal life, your real work in your recovery begins. The rehab centers also provide aftercare programs to give you added support and motivation you need to get back to your normal routine.

The first few months of your recovery are critical and the chances of relapse are also there when you go back to your home. Aftercare programs offered at an outpatient rehab facility are designed to encourage sober living and help you practice your relapse prevention skills needed to deal with the cravings.

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