4 Things That Will Happen When You Finally Improve Your Diet

Eating healthy is something we all know we need to do. Yet month after month, year after year, we continue to eat like there’s no tomorrow. And whether you realize it or not, it’s having a direct effect on how you look and feel on a daily basis.

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What’s Wrong With The American Diet?

You don’t need a degree in health and nutrition to know that the American diet, as a whole, is completely out of whack. And while you could point to any number of factors that render the American diet unhealthy, it ultimately comes down to a few simple factors:

  • Too many calories. Just 25 years ago, the average American consumed somewhere around 1,850 calories per day. Today, that number is 2,154. In other words, we’re eating roughly 304 additional calories per day. Technically, that’s enough extra calories to add 31 pounds to each person per year. (Perhaps this is why Americans continue to add on extra pounds year after year?)
  • Too much fat. There are healthy calories and then there are unhealthy calories. Unfortunately, Americans only seem to be increasing their intake of unhealthy calories. Specifically, we’re eating fat, fat, and more fat. Empty calories galore!
  • Lack of balance. Finally, there’s a total lack of nutritional balance in the American diet. This is leading to deficiencies that wreak havoc on our health in a myriad of ways.

Any one of these issues, in isolation, is enough to create an improper diet. When all three of them are present – which is the case for millions of Americans – the results are catastrophic.

4 Direct Benefits Of Improving Your Diet

Intuitively, we all realize that what we eat impacts our health and appearance. But what most people don’t fully understand is just how much our diets impact how we feel on a daily basis. By switching to a healthier diet, you’ll notice direct benefits like these within a matter of days:

1. Improved Digestive Health

Your gut is essentially your body’s second brain. There are hundreds of millions of neurons connecting the brain to the gastrointestinal system and a poor diet will send alarm bells off, sparking pain, discomfort, and a host of other health issues. By improving your diet, you can correct these issues and restore balance to your body. Not only will your stomach feel better, but so will the rest of your mind and body.

2. Less Inflammation

Inflammation is a vital part of the human body’s immune system. For example, it kicks in and fights off harmful bacteria and viruses to keep you from getting sick. Unfortunately, many Americans suffer from chronic inflammation, which means their bodies are constantly in fight mode, even when there’s no viable threat. Sometimes this is the result of an underlying disease – such as arthritis – while other times it arises from chronic stress. But whatever the case may be, inflammation can be reduced through proper diet.

By consuming a diet that’s high in anti-inflammatory foods – such as blueberries, leafy greens, fatty fish, and whole grains – you can counteract some of the uncomfortable side effects of inflammation and feel better.

3. Healthier Hair

People like to complain about their hair and how it’s thinning, balding, rough, or brittle. And while they typically blame it on genetics, the truth is that diet and nutrition plays a bigger role than most realize.

“Hair follicles are made of mostly protein called keratin,” Kiierr explains. “This protein provides structure to your hair, giving it its shape and strength. Therefore, a lack of protein can lead to your hair becoming limp, lifeless, and weak, often leading to hair loss. It also balances the moisture in your hair, so a lack of protein should be avoided at all costs.” By improving intake of protein and other vitamins and nutrients – like vitamin A, vitamin B, iron, and zinc – most people will notice a direct improvement in their hair health.

4. Easier Weight Management

You can exercise all day, every day, but you’ll find it nearly impossible to lose weight and keep it off without a healthy, nutritious diet. When you combine healthy eating and physical activity, the weight will literally start to burn off your body. You’ll also find that your body firms up, as protein fuels your muscles and produces a toned figure.

Eat Better, Feel Better

Most people eat junk food because it makes them feel good in the moment. But what they don’t understand is how they’re adversely affecting the way they feel in the hours, days, and weeks that follow. By taking the time to recognize this connection, you can fundamentally change your health for the better.

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