4 Tips To Protect Your Beard From The Rain

A beard is like an asset to a man. You work hard to keep it in shape, make sure it is well-maintained even through hail and storm. But like everyone else, you will fear the rain because it is the worst enemy for your beard. Just like moisture in your hair weakens the hair roots, moisture in your beard will make the roots softer and your beard less attractive. Hair contains keratin, and it gets weaker when there is water. Moisture tends to break the natural hydrogen bonds that connect the keratin chains, and soon you will notice increased hair loss in your beard.

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One way to maintain your beard is by trimming it short. You will find branded trimmers that allow you to control blade width to adjust the beard hair length. Brands like Manscaped are used by thousands of men to trim and shape their beards. But you need to protect the beard hair even if it is short. Unless you are completely shaven, you should follow the tips below to protect your beard from rainwater:

Use A Scarf

Scarves are a relief to anyone who wants to protect their beard from the wet weather. Always carry a fashionable scarf when you know that rain is around the corner. Cover it around the collar so that as soon as you feel the first raindrop, you can wrap the beard and keep it safe from the water. Also, wearing a scarf will make you look stylish. Just be sure you pick one that suits your skin tone and overall style.

Wear A Wide-Brimmed Hat

If you are looking for a trendier solution than wrapping a scarf around your beard, you should wear a wide-brimmed hat. These hats come in a range of styles, and you can buy one that suits your face shape. It will keep the rain from reaching your facial hair, thus keeping it safe from getting moist. The width of the hat must be sufficient to keep the rainwater off your face.

Raincoat With A Big Hood Covering

Sometimes, it becomes essential to go out in the rain because of an emergency. But since you have to care for your facial hair, you can wear a raincoat with an oversized hood. You can walk in the rain comfortably without fearing that the rain will disturb your beard. The hoods of these raincoats are big enough to protect your beard as they cover from your chin. Only your eyes, nose, and lips will be visible, and everything else will be covered under the hood.

Carry A Good-Old Umbrella

If everything fails, you can always carry an umbrella along to protect your beard from getting messy due to rainwater. It is easy to use and can help protect your facial hair from the rain. Wet weather can ruin not only your plans for the day but also your facial hair. If you consider your beard as an asset, make sure you follow the tips above. You wouldn’t want the rain to sneak in and leave the beard moist as it will considerably damage the hair.

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