Cracking Myths About Drinking Water [Infographic]

Many times people have told me that water is the solution to everything. If you are feeling sick, drink water. If you want to lose weight, drink water. The list goes on and on seemingly forever. The fact is that water is surrounded by many myths just like everything else in the world. If you are exposed too long to myths, you might start believing them. That’s always a problem, and it will continue to cause confusion. Even though water is insanely good for our bodies and a necessity for life itself, it is time to start cracking myths and looking into the facts rather than the fiction we are so used to believing these days.

If we are to look at the real facts for a second and not get all caught up in all the myths, we quickly see that water actually is the essence of life itself. It’s not an exaggeration. Water is necessary to keep our bodies working properly, and it helps everything from lubricating the joints and eyes to being a medium for all important chemical reactions in the body. The recommended amount of water an adult should drink each day is 3 liters for men and 2.2 liters for women. So, let’s start cracking myths about water.

When it comes to cracking myths, there are quite a few that need our attention. The first one that comes to mind is that water speeds up our metabolism and helps us lose weight faster. It seems this is one of those myths that has been the most persistent of the bunch. According to this infographic, water does not help with this. However, it could help you snack less, which basically means that when you drink water you won’t be as hungry as you would be when not drinking enough water.

I am sure we could sit here cracking myths all day when it comes to water, and there is another one that is vitally important to point out. The statement that you can never drink too much water is ultimately wrong. If you consume too much water, you can actually infuse water intoxication and die. There have unfortunately been several examples of this. One that comes to mind is the girl who took part in a radio game show where the essence of the competition was to see who could drink the most water. This girl won, but when she later got home from work, she suddenly collapsed and died due to water intoxication. Maybe cracking myths about water could save a few lives in the future.

So even though water is good for us, it’s really important that we start exposing the myths as soon as possible. Especially this latter one. Drink moderate amounts of water, and with this infographic, you now have a suggested intake which will serve you well. It’s dangerous not to know the facts when it comes to water. This infographic from WaterCoolers Direct called The Benefits Of Drinking Water is a great information sheet to draw some education from. Nothing on this planet is good in excessive amounts. Moderation is the key. Water is the source of life, so drink it with admiration.

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Via: [Cool Daily Infographics]