Live, Drive And Survive: 4 Vehicles Pimped Out For A Zombie Apocalypse

According to Google Trends, interest in zombies and the zombie apocalypse have been on the decline since the first of the year. Interest in that topic hit its peak in mid-2012. However, now that The Walking Dead is back on television; that could very well be changing. I’m going to watch last night’s episode on-demand today – so no spoiler alerts! In that show, we often see them zipping around in cars. I’ve always wondered where they get all that gasoline.

If I were part of Rick’s gang on The Walking Dead, I would want to pimp out a car for zombie survival. I mean, you never know when your car could break down, and if Darryl isn’t following you on his bike, you could be in serious trouble. This is especially true if a pack of walkers discovers you while you’re stranded on the side of the road.

Hyundai apparently understands the importance of transforming a car into a survival machine to use during a zombie apocalypse. They recently ran a contest where fans could use The Walking Dead Chop Shop app to create the most optimized zombie survival machine ever. They announced the winner at New York Comic Con. You can view the pictures here on Nerd Approved.

Designer Donal O’Keeffe also has his own idea about what a vehicle pimped out for zombie apocalypse should look like. He created the series you see below with Cinema 4D’s Physical Renderer. Donal said:

“I wanted to create narratives and characters within the details. I wanted to create a series of renders that people could spend hours looking at, to see something new with every fresh viewing. Each one was rendered and created for large format printing.”

If you were stuck in the middle of nowhere during a zombie apocalypse, which one of these vehicles would you want as your survival machine? I would probably choose the double-decker bus simply because of the size. But then again, it would be hard to drive that through the rough patches on the road if there were fallen trees and other debris. On second thought, I might choose the yellow taxi since it would carry a hint of the world I left behind. Hmm…choosing one is a harder decision than I thought it would be.

Vehicles Pimped Out For A Zombie Apocalypse

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