Crusty Zombie Toenails: The Perfect Zombie Gift For The Undead

If you are looking for a zombie gift for the zombie lover in your life, these Crusty Zombie Toenails (which may or may not include toe jam) might be perfect. Besides, what could be better to snack on when watching The Walking Dead or Dawn Of The Dead than zombie toenails? Just remember though, if you eat zombie toenails, there is a chance you could become zombiefied. The jury is still out on whether or not that could happen, so you’ll have to eat them at your own risk.

If you want to give a zombie gift that is a little more substantial than just a bag of toenails, you might consider the Deluxe Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit (also pictured below) which comes with a variety of zombie snacks and zombie energy drinks. This way, the recipient of your zombie gift will not only get toenails to munch on, he or she will also get to enjoy dried zombie skin, blood, brain bits and pea brains. It’s quite a deliciously disgusting combination of edible zombie undeadness. I would love this zombie gift.

According to Amazon, the zombie toenails (which may reek of the stench of death) are really sesame sticks. The deluxe kit is made from all kinds of fruit flavored sugary candy substances, beef jerky, dried seaweed and salt water taffy. Now that I think about it, it might be better to eat a zombie than that stuff. Either way, these zombie gifts will definitely put a big smile on any zombie lover’s face. There’s nothing like eating in style while waiting for the impending zombie apocalypse. If you want to take it even further, you could try your hand at making these Delicious Bloody Zombie Brains Cupcakes. They will surely be the hit of any party.

Crusty Zombie Toenails For The Zombie Lover In Your Life


The Deluxe Zombie Gift Party Pack