4 Ways To Make Up With Your Partner After An Argument

While it’s wholly accurate and undeniable that two distinct individuals always end up having healthy arguments, sometimes you just don’t want to indulge in one. But it’s that time of the month, and you’ve pissed off your girlfriend/boyfriend! Although a once in a blue moon kind of arguments have raised its frequency, especially since Covid-19 brought in some harsh times and the horrifying quarantine.

But like every other thing else that exists, for these arguments too, if you really put your heart to it, the universe will conspire to make things work for you two. If you’re stressing out and worrying about what your next move is, we’ll tell you what to do. Let’s check out some straightforward tricks that work as vaccinations against unnecessary arguments.

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1. Always Choose A Common Ground

A relationship is not about ‘me’ or ‘him/her’; it is about both, it’s about a union, it’s about having mutual respect and love. You two are together because you love and respect each other, and there is no better way of showing it by doing things that make both of you happy.

Order take-outs that you both enjoy or make it about alternatively fulfilling both of your choices. The boss and employee relationship are supposed to be restricted to your office space. At home, it’s always about both of you. And every time the other person may forget it for a bit, it’s your turn to remind em!

2. Welcome New Experiences

Keeping the spark alive can also lead to arguments but not if you are subtly trying to make it work without making it too obvious. That sounded complicated, but it’s really not. Spend time together by trying out something new each time.

Apart from surprising them, you can also surprise yourself by going the extra mile! Try painting, getting your partner surprise chocolate bouquets, designing t-shirts, or learning a new dance form together. It’s all in the details, as someone rightly said.

You will end up learning not just a new fun-filled yet equally valuable activity while also finding out something new about your partner. Each time you will go to bed with a good memory instead of a sour moment.

3. Hola – Space And Trust!

The concept of space and trust is older than the words, but honestly, people haven’t understood what the two words mean. Space does not mean leaving the house without letting your partner know where you are off to; it instead means leaving with a prior ‘I am heading off to so-so place’ notice.

Space also means to avoid making unnecessary phone calls at every one hour to know about your partners’ whereabouts when they already left after informing you. Trust and patience are the fruits you must eat to stay in a healthy relationship, not just apples.

4. Professionals Exist

Counselors exist for a reason; the profession was not created to just think about reaching out to them but backing out each time. If the arguments happen frequently and leave you two with extremely bitter moods each time and no willpower to concentrate on work or other activities, it’s unhealthy.

There is no shame or harm in reaching out to a counselor who can listen to both sides of the story and provide an honest opinion. What’s more? You don’t need to let anyone know about this, and it can be your secret and bring back the comfort and love with extra hindrance.


People fall in love to make their life better and not worse, for that we have Karen along with Covid-19 and several other issues in this world. But just like for every problem, your relationship woes have a solution, and it is always better to solve them at a primary stage rather than waiting for Jabberwocky.

If love were an eye shadow palette, it would bring down Jacklyn Hill, Kylie, and Anastasia’s market, too, with its enormous shades. It can feel like a battle at times, but the one where both of you can win and enjoy the victory. Let us know how do you resolve arguments with your partner? Do you make the first move or simply wait?

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