Bleeding Heart Cake: Perfect Gift Idea For Your Valentine

With Valentine’s Day coming up in a short yet distant while, you have probably started thinking about what in the world you could give your loved one to show him or her that you really do want to share your heart in every way possible. Presents and gifts are at the highest place on the to-get list when it comes to the day that most females eagerly await while guys sweat to keep up with their promise of a kick ass Valentine’s Day. Cause as you know, it always has to be better than the last one.

Forgetting it entirely will certainly result in a wrecked relationship or a month on the couch. It’s time to start thinking about how you could make this one special in every way, making it a memory that will last for years and years. What could that be and how do you really show your loved one that your heart is meant to be given to him or her?

Lily Vanilli knows the right answer to that complex question, and you’d be surprised to know it’s simpler than you have ever imagined it to be. You do it through your heart of course! Or rather, with it. Why not gift your valentine the gift of all gifts, the Bleeding Heart Cake. It’s bleeding all right, and I am sure that sharing it will be a memory that you will never forget. Never have your feelings been so edible and visual. If your partner doesn’t get it by now, then you are really in trouble. After all, it’s a big, gory and bleeding heart that is yours to give to whomever you want. And you chose your partner so what could go wrong, right? Hmm…

Bleeding Heart Cake Served

Gory Bleeding Heart Cake

Valentines Dinner With Heart Cake

Eating Yummy Valentines Heart Cake

Holding Valentines Bleeding Heart Cake