4 Ways For The World To Prepare For the Next Pandemic

Unfortunately, the concerns from the scientific community have been rising about the possibility of a global pandemic have come true in 2020. The Corona Virus Pandemic has caused unprecedented damage to the world and is still far from over. Sadly, it would be foolish to believe that this pandemic is the only one that is going to affect us in our lifetimes. As the world’s population has steadily grown, and travel from one continent to another is becoming more common, the possibility of spreading a human infectious disease outside the borders

of the country from which it originated is adding to the problem. When this happens, governments and authorities are no longer capable of controlling the disease within their borders and this results in the kind of pandemic that we have seen this year. To help people protect themselves and their families, here are 8 ways to prepare for the next pandemic.

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1. Take Personal Responsibility

The Corona Virus highlighted how much we take for granted and how incredibly unprepared we are personally for a disaster. This resulted in last-minute panic buying that left the supermarket shelves bare of essentials like toilet paper and bottled water. It is vitally important that we start taking responsibility and prepare in advance for a possible disaster. There are many vital supplies that you should always have ready in your home.

The guide at geardisciple.com shows how to store your emergency food effectively and which essential supplies are needed for a first-aid kit. If someone in your household gets sick, having these basic supplies can provide relief for certain illnesses. Cough medicine, cold medicine, fever medicine, stomachache medicine, painkillers, and all the other minor medicines that we take for granted can be very difficult to come by in a pandemic, so it is better to remain stocked up at all times.

Unfortunately, many citizens around the world feel that their governments responded poorly to the Corona Virus Pandemic and put them and their families in danger. To ensure that your family is protected from future pandemics, make sure that you have all of the necessary supplies and knowledge ready long before there is an outbreak.

2. Reduce the Use of Antibiotics

One of the main reasons for the world being ill-prepared for the next pandemic is the overuse of antibiotics. Fortunately, COVID-19 is a viral infection rather than a bacteria, because if it was a bacteria, the outlook maybe even worse. A recent report stated that antibiotics are commonly misused in the health sector, as well as in the agricultural sector when most of them are not medically needed.

This creates a problem since viruses and bacteria are known to evolve and develop resistance to antibiotics. If this continues, antibiotics will soon be useless in fighting bacteria and viruses, and even a seemingly insignificant illness could have serious consequences.

3. Build a Reliable Supply Chain

Another cause for concern is a disruption in the supply chain which we have seen in countries all over the world who have failed to meet the demand for adequate personal protective equipment. Our world’s medical supply is limited and is based on a made-to-order basis. A disruption in the supply chain could cause another major medical supply shortage like we have seen in the US and the UK amongst others in 2020, which has led to the avoidable deaths of thousands of people.

The same happened in 2017, when the US had a shortage of intravenous bags in Puerto Rico, which made the IV bags, was devastated by Hurricane Maria. If we do not start learning from our mistakes and improving our procedures, we are going to keep running into the same issues.

4. Improve International Cooperation

This current crisis has seen some of the best and some of the worst sides of international cooperation. As the damages have increased, so too have the levels of suspicion and the accusations being leveled at different countries. Diseases don’t respect borders, so the problem of pandemics is a worldwide problem. This shows just how important it is for governments of the world, as well as institutions like the World Health Organization and UNICEF to work together.

Having strong relations amongst the international community is the key to preventing the disease from becoming a pandemic. Unless something is done to address this issue, the next pandemic could be even more devastating to our world than the current COVID-19 Pandemic.

Sadly, the current Corona Virus Pandemic has given us all a serious wake-up call about just how vulnerable we are to a contagious, global disease. Whilst the current pandemic is still raging on, many countries are starting to unlock, and it does seem like there is an end somewhere in sight. We must learn from this pandemic to ensure that we are better prepared for the next one.

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