10 Common Myths About Cancer You Should Never Believe

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases that is known to mankind, and to cope with it isn’t easy. This disease has been around for hundreds of years and is still one of the biggest problems that we face as a species. However, because of the prominence of cancer in our lives, there is so much misinformation out there about what causes cancer, how it is treated, and even how much progress we have made towards finding a real cure for the disease.

However, we are here to help with that. In the below article, we’re going to go through the most common myths about cancer and debunk them right here. That’s because the victims of cancer deserve to have the truth out there about the disease they are facing and not face misinformation from those that don’t know any better. Keep reading down below and make sure that you start thinking differently if you have fallen pretty to any of these myths about cancer.

1. Cancer Is A Modern Disease That’s Been Man-Made

Many people are under the impression that cancer is a man-made disease that is pretty modern. However, that’s far from the case. Cancer has been around since forever. The only reason that many people believe this myth is because there is more prominence of cancer in today’s society thanks to increased media coverage and more people speaking out about the disease. Cancer has been spoken about for hundreds of years, however, so this is definitely not a simple modern disease.

2. Superfoods Can Help To Prevent Cancer

There is another big myth out there that superfoods can help to cure cancers like kidney cancer. However, we need to debunk that myth right here and now. Despite claims by hundreds of websites and health gurus that everything from blueberries to broccoli can help to cure cancer, there is no evidence to suggest that. Sure, these foods are pretty good for your nutrition, but they have absolutely no connection with cancer or the development of it. So, if you’ve fallen for this superfood myth, know the cancer your friend might be facing again, it’s not a bad thing as these foods are definitely good for your health. However, this is not going to help fight against cancer.

3. Acidic Diets Can Cause Cancer

Many people are under the impression that when you have an acidic diet, you are going to be at a higher risk of developing cancer. However, this is just nonsense if you know anything about basic biology. There is no evidence that your diet has any impact on the pH levels of your body and therefore the chance that you are going to develop any kind of cancer. If you’ve bought into this myth, then don’t believe it anymore!

4. Cancer Has A Sweet Tooth

There is no evidence to suggest that sugar helps cancer cells develop. However, despite this, so many people believe that when you have more sugar in your body, this is going to feed cancer cells and make them grow. However, again, if you know anything about basic biology, you know that any cell in your body needs glucose to get energy. Even though taking down on your daily sugar dosage is good for your overall health, there is no connection with cancer cells.

5. Cancer Is Fungus

Many people think that cancer is a fungus because it’s always white. However, neither of those “facts” are true. Cancer is not fungal in nature and is not always white, so these myths are some that you can definitely throw out the window. Cancer is not a fungus and should never be treated as much.

6. There’s Some Miracle Cancer Cure

Many people believe the articles that they read on the Internet and the videos that they see on YouTube as evidence that there is a miracle cure out there. Everything from cannabis to blueberries have been cited as a miracle cure for various kinds of cancer. However, there is no evidence to back up these claims and most of the times, these are just claims that people have made up. Make sure to never take these videos and articles at face value without further research.

7. Big Pharma Companies Are Suppressing That Cure

Another really big myth that people buy into is the idea that big pharma companies are covering up some of these miracle cures. However, there is no evidence to suggest these and most of the times, these are just conspiracy theories that people are peddling. Make sure to not believe in these theories unless there is evidence to back them up. As of now, there is no cure for cancer.

8. Cancer Treatments Kill More People Than They Cure

When you think about chemotherapy, there is no doubt that this kind of treatment is no walk in the park. The side effects can be pretty tough and can take a toll on patients. However, the thought that cancer treatments kill more people than they cure is not true at all. Even though we have a long way to go before finding more human treatments for cancer, this is all we have at the moment to fight this disease.

9. No Progress Has Been Made In Fighting Off Cancer

This myth is one that’s the biggest out of them all. Some people believe that we have made no progress at all in the fight against cancer. However, even though we do not have a cure right now, progress is made every day towards developing a cure for cancer. The amount of funding and awareness for cancer research is greater than ever before and that deserves to be recognized.

10. Sharks Can’t Get Cancer

This last item on the list is a myth that’s one that needs to be debunked. Some people are under the impression that sharks can’t get cancer. However, this is just not true. Sharks can get cancer, just like every other living being.

There you have it! If you decided to buy into any of these myths, then you should know better now.

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10 Common Myths About Cancer You Should Never Believe

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