The 5 Best Fish To Catch In A River Near You

Fishing requires patience, skill, special tools, the right techniques, and a fishing guide. Before fishing, check the type of fish available in your area. Whether you enjoy saltwater or freshwater angling best, you have to find the peak times for fishing in your area. For instance, Florida is famous for wintertime fishing. Mild temperatures and small cold snaps create an ideal environment for you to catch different fish in Florida. If you are planning on visiting Florida to fish, here are the 5 best fish to catch on a river near you.

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1. Largemouth Bass

In wintertime, Florida Largemouth bass fishing can be a fantastic activity. The fish start spawning in December, and they finish around March or April. It is recommended to check the phases of the moon to find the best time for Bass to spawn. Largemouth bass spawn during a dark moon. You can catch this fish during winter on different lures, such as plastic worms and top waters. If you want to fish at the best spots, find a place where 2 to 3 species of flora mix.

2. Sturgeon

Sturgeon refers to 26 to 29 different species of Acipenseridae family of fish. You can find sturgeon along the lakes, rivers, and coasts of North America and Eurasia. Growing up to 5.5 m (18 feet) long, this fish is famous for its roe and meat. These bottom-feeders prey on aquatic insects, worms, shrimp, crayfish and snails.

The Suwannee River is a famous place for Gulf Sturgeon. Moreover, you can try fishing in the rivers of Northwest Florida, such as Pascagoula, Pearl, Escambia, Blackwater, Yellow, Choctawhatchee, and Apalachicola. Safety gear is important, because jumping fish can collide with your boat and passengers. In Florida, you can find three species of sturgeon: Gulf Sturgeon, Shortnose Sturgeon and Atlantic Sturgeon. They have no teeth and a bony skeleton.

3. Crappie

Lake Okeechobee is famous for crappie fishing in wintertime. Try suspended crappie fishing in different creeks and rivers. Feel free to choose vegetation for this kind of fishing. In winter, you must select a plastic tube with marabou tails to lure them. You can also fish around bridges with plastic shrimp (a soft imitator).

The Papermouth or Black Crappie is a famous fish in Florida. During warm months, several speckled perch zealots choose underwater, deeper structures for their quarry. You can also catch Florida Crappie in the summer months.

4. Snook – Prince Of The Swamps

When sunlight starts warming up the surface of the river, snook will move back into creeks and boathouses. You can find this fish in southern areas and intracoastal waters. You can see them in inlets with different covers bridge pilings, docks, and mangroves. The anglers of Florida trigger strikes with walking-style baits and soft plastics to imitate pinfish, carbs, and shrimp.

Sometimes, Snook is prized as a game fish for excellent fighting capabilities. The length of a snook may vary from 28 cm to 32 cm. If you want to fish for snook in late summer, you can try catching on the Atlantic Coast with an expert.

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