5 Boating Tips To Make You A Better Captain

There’s nothing better than spending some quality time on the water. However, one needs to have hands-on experience before navigating a trip on the boat. Especially if you’re out in the waters for the first time, you must thoroughly understand how to operate the boat to navigate a safe trip with your family. Most people overlook boat safety,  which is why they often suffer at the end of the day.

Every year, almost half a million people die in boat accidents that prove the need for caution and training before cruising the waters in your boat. If you live on the water, building a  boat lift can be convenient and safe. Many accidents occur when trying to load and unload your boat from a trailer.

Even if you think the weather is neutral, you can never be sure of the intensity of the winds at any hour. There are multiple things that one needs to keep in mind before going out boating. Continue reading to know some essential tips for boating.

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1. Check Your Boat Before Sailing

Even if you’re hiring a boat from the world’s top-notch cruising company, there’s no guarantee of something unexpected not happening. Before boarding, check your engine for any leaks or rusts. Make sure the electrical wires aren’t naked, that the boat radio is working, and everything is intact.

Furthermore, don’t overlook the lights if you’re about to sail close to the evening. If you engage in any problem during boating, first look around you to see if there is another boater nearby who could help. If not, immediately use your radio to contact the coast guard for help.

2. Keep Up With The Weather Forecast

As discussed, don’t be fooled by the beautiful calm blue waters, for they can turn into rough waves with a change of weather at any time. Many countries in the world are infamous for their unexpected weather.

If you’re in one of those countries, you must check the weather forecast before sailing. Don’t even try to venture out in intense climatic conditions. If you experience sudden weather change during boating, return to the dock as quickly as possible.

3. Always Wear Life Jackets

Drowning is one of the most common reasons for death during boating. A recent survey concluded that more than 84% of the drowning deaths were caused by people not wearing life jackets. Therefore, you must wear life jackets before you initiate your journey and ask others to do the same. However, always wear a good quality life jacket as the market is flooded with a lot of low-quality boating accessories. Also, carry other floating devices on the boat in case of an emergency.

4. Don’t Operate A Boat Under The Influence

If you’re under the influence of alcohol or drugs, don’t consider navigating a boat. Binge drinking is notorious for health, and most people lose consciousness in a short time. All states prohibit drivers from driving if they’re under any influence.

If the driver sets out with a vague awareness, there will be a high risk of an accident while being on the boat. Therefore, you need to stay away from alcohol and drugs if you plan to set out for boating.

5. Educate Passengers About Safety Procedures

It is not just the responsibility of the captain to take care of the boat, but also the people on it. Passengers should also be well equipped with all the safety procedures before riding on the boat. Before you begin the journey, educate your passengers on how to navigate the boat in case something unforeseen happens to you.

Secondly, tell them about using a fire extinguisher, radio devices, and life jacket before beginning the tour. Especially if you have little children, you need to be extra conscious of safety on the boat. Lastly! You and your family will have a pleasant trip when you comply with all the safety procedures for boating.

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