5 Cool Accessories For Your Dog

Having a dog as a pet is fantastic. However, though owning a pet can be fun in many ways, taking care of one may not be so easy. This is a task that tests your responsibility. Apart from the usual caregiving activities like feeding, walking and bathing your canine, there are some items you will need, which might even be a necessity when owning a dog. We have compiled a list of 5 cool accessories that we think your pet should own; after all, they are members of your family and deserve the privilege of being gifted things, don’t they?

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1. Waterproof Car Seat Cover

A waterproof car seat cover is the first item we added to our list, and this is probably the most novel of the rest. Walking your dog is definitely a must, but is it enough? Wouldn’t you like your pet to accompany you to the different places that you travel to?  Let’s say it is to be a long trip you’re taking, would you like to be away from your pet?  As most of you wouldn’t, why not purchase a waterproof car seat cover to be sure that your dog can travel with you in your car? The cover protects your car’s original seat interior as dirt and pet hair will land on the cover.

2. Comfortable Dog Bed

If you seek a good night’s sleep, then there is no doubt that your pet does, also. Sleep is so important for helping your body to recharge and rejuvenate itself after long hours of work and play. Therefore we recommend that you purchase a comfortable bed for your dog. Be sure that the bed is large enough for your dog to stretch itself and durable enough so that your dog doesn’t chew off the material. Also, make sure that the material is easy to clean or has a cover that you can remove or wash since pets are bound to make a mess.

3. Backpack Pet Carrier

We already discussed the waterproof car seat cover for your car, but what about carrying your dog with you wherever you go? For this, you would need a backpack carrier. This backpack carrier is a great way to carry your dog while traveling by foot: hiking, camping, etc. To train your dog to enter the bag, try luring him in with a treat. Once your dog is fully trained, he will love sitting in this comfortable bag while you travel around. If you don’t know where to start your search, then learn more about the world’s biggest dog carrier to see your different options in pet backpack carriers.

4. Dog Treat Jar

We all need our daily dose of nutrition to obtain the energy we need to carry out our day to day activities. However, we all love our treats, and our dogs do also. Giving a treat to your dog is a great way to reward it for being a ‘good boy or girl.’  It’s even helpful in training your pet to do those lovely tricks like rolling over or playing dead. So why not keep an attractive treat jar to put the ‘sweet’ treats in. You can even get matching food and drink bowls.

5. Dog Leash

A leash has very important functions to perform. For one, it prevents your dog from jumping onto someone entirely new to them and also helps you prevent them from coming in contact with unwanted animals. Secondly, it prevents your dog from entering your neighbor’s or anyone else’s property.

A leash is an imperative accessory to own. Most states and local governments have some kind of law requiring that your dog be on a leash when you are outside of your home or property.  You have many options to choose from when shopping for leashes.  Make sure that your leash is sturdy; nylon is a strong yet inexpensive material to choose from when it comes to leashes.

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