5 Creative Ways To Save On Your Cell Phone Bill

The average cell phone bill in the United States is $157 per month. That’s a huge expense for people struggling to make ends meet.

Chances are, your bill is actually even higher than that. Unfortunately, you can’t survive without a phone. These tips make your burden a little less stressful.

These tips will help you conserve both data and dollar bills. Every little bit helps when it comes to your phone bill.

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1. Rely On Wi-Fi

If you have Wi-Fi at your home and work, make a point to only download videos or music across Wi-Fi so you can avoid hitting your monthly data limit. Some companies charge $70 for every GB of data you run over your limit. Ouch.

Can’t kick your Google Map addiction? No problem. You can actually download maps of different cities to use offline. Your GPS location will still work offline, too.

2. Choose A No-Contract Phone Company

Many no-contract phone companies, like Ting, offer nation-wide coverage now. You don’t have to worry as much about price because these companies help you find a data plan that fits within your budget. You pay for what you use: nothing less, nothing more.

3. Turn Off Videos And Apps Running In the Background

You might not realize that videos in your newsfeed and apps running in the background are draining your data. Check out your app or data settings in your phone to make sure apps aren’t refreshing in the background. When it comes to things like Facebook, change your settings so that videos only auto-play over a Wi-Fi connection.

4. Switch Your Service

No, not your company, your service. If you open your phone settings and click over to mobile data, your device may give you the option to switch to 3G or even 2G. Not only will this help you conserve a little data, but it will also save you some battery life.

5. Take A Hard Look At Your Bill

If you’re in a contract with a big company, take a long look at your bill. Are you paying for insurance, emergency assistance, or anything else you don’t use? Call the company and ask them to remove these services from your plan. Big brands have a lot of sneaky ways to rack up your monthly bill.

6. Shop Around – And Make It Clear

Take a look at packages from other companies. Do you see a service that’s more affordable? Contact your current provider and let them know that you’re thinking of switching your service to a competitor. They may offer a better deal to keep your monthly payments flowing. In many cases, phone companies will help you negotiate a better price rather than pass on your money altogether.

Find What Works For You

Sometimes you’ll need to move things around to figure out what works. Either way, a no-contract phone and heavy reliance on Wi-Fi can make a huge difference in your monthly budget.

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