5 Must-Have Diamond Painting Supplies For Creating A Masterpiece

Diamond painting is becoming quite popular and for good reason. Being a combination of cross stitch and paint by numbers, it is not only therapeutic, but an easier and faster way than cross stitch. If you’re getting into the new hobby, here are 5 must-have diamond painting supplies for creating a masterpiece.

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1. Diamond Crystal Bags

The way that diamond painting works is by having numbers on the canvas that represent a different color. The options available on https://www.prettyneatcreative.com/collections/diamond-painting show that in order to create a masterpiece diamond painting, you need the diamond crystal bags with the corresponding number on the canvas. That way you’ll be able to place the exact same color to ensure that you get the right shade and follow the instructions of diamond painting.

For each shade or tone on the painting, a different color will be marked which will need the corresponding diamond crystal bags. So, if you’re considering taking up diamond painting, having a variety of crystal colors is essential to be able to get the different tones that make up the painting just right.

Instead of going through the hassle of cross stitching and ensuring that you’re not only getting the stitch right, but also having to ensure that each stitch is well-sewn, it is now replaced by an easier approach by using gemstones instead. That way it is not only faster but more enjoyable and looks a whole lot shinier in the end.

2. Diamond Painting Pens

In order to be able to get your masterpiece started, you’ll need a diamond painting pen to be able to pick up the crystals and stick them onto the canvas. While many kits come with a pen, it isn’t always the most comfortable option. If you’re planning on using it for long hours, it is best to get a pen with a wider hand-grip that will prevent you from getting hand cramps.

You should also consider other features such as a wax tip to help you collect the crystals and place it easily without having to constantly apply wax manually or dab it every time into wax, Using the pen that comes with the kit is possible to get you started, but when working long hours and creating a masterpiece, you will need the additional features that make diamond painting a lot easier.

3. Storage Box

With diamond bags easily getting lost, it is essential to have a storage box that will help you stay organized. That way, you’ll be able to find the color you need easily and ensure that your crystals don’t get lost. You’ll also be able to have all your tools in one place to be able to move around with it easily and also be sure that all your items are stored in the same place to avoid misplacing them or losing them when you actually need them.

This will not only make it less time-consuming to find the tools you need but will also give you the freedom to collect your tools easily and move around with them if you prefer diamond painting with a friend.

4. Diamond Separator Tool

It is quite common to find the diamond crystals stuck together, making it difficult to pick up each one separately. For that reason, a diamond separator tool will make your diamond painting an easier task.

When the gemstones are stuck together, a humidifier helps separate the stones by adding humidity in the air that works in dissolving the electrostatic charge keeping them stuck together. Instead of having the tedious task of separating it by hand, this tool will make the task easier to handle.

5. Sealer

Once you’ve finished your diamond painting and created a masterpiece, it is essential to add a sealer to prevent it from falling apart. With a sealer, it will not only hold the pieces in place and protect the artwork, but it will also prevent any damage from happening and keep the gemstones looking shiny.

You can apply a sealer with a brush or spray it directly on the canvas, depending on what you prefer. You’ll also find different kinds of finishing according to your preference for a matte or glossy finish.

Get ready to not only get into the habit of diamond painting, but also creating a masterwork with these tools. You’ll be able to make the entire process a lot easier, making it more enjoyable, too. The more fun you have, the longer hours you’ll be able to diamond paint, giving you the patience to fine-tune your diamond painting and turn it into a real work of art.

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