Crystal Bubble: See The World By Living Your Life In Transparency

The world has some beautiful scenery to show us, if we’re at the right place at the right time.  It’s quite interesting that humans still cling to the housing of 4 solid walls with a couple of peep-hole windows incorporated into them.  Why is that?  Before we started to build houses where we can pretty much choose the size, shape and style, we built houses only to keep the weather out.  We wanted to be able to cozy up inside, just like within a cave, and make sure that we still had access to all the necessities that we needed in order to live.  With time, it became the norm to live inside a fully barricaded fortress of stone, wood, brick or cement.  However, what kind of lifestyle is that when you really think about it?

If we started calculating the hours we spend inside these boxes of loneliness, we really start to see that we’re wasting a good part of our life NOT seeing the world at all.  Wouldn’t it be better to have a transparent home instead that enabled us to see the world and all the beauty it has to offer us on a daily basis?

Now you can!  The Crystal Bubble (Crystal Tree) concept living from Pierre Stephane Dumas is one of those genius ideas that puts things in perspective.  It’s a pretty simple concept; however, it allows you to see the world for what it is.  It is more like a tent right now, but with time, this could be developed into something really unique.  It could be a wonderful form of transparent living.  It has fresh air circulating in and out of the bubble, and the temperature is kept at whatever level you want it to be.  So, in with your furniture and make sure you place the bubble in a pristine location.  Your life could generate all the inspiration you ever need.

Forest Crystal Bubble Concept Location

Crystal Bubble Beach Location Concept

Beach Crystal Bubble Wave Location

Mountain Location With Crystal Bubble

Interior Design Within Crystal Bubble

Night Time Within Crystal Bubble