5 Personal Blogging Tips

When it comes to blogging about things you love, such as hobbies, sports, arts and crafts, traveling, or food, you name it, blogging is a perfect way to share your ideas and thoughts about a particular topic with readers and other individuals that share similar interests.

It’s the best way to publish your writing on the web so others can get to know about your experiences and subjects you really care about. You can visit eva-marieberry.com for a blog on lifestyle and travel and see how sharing your ideas can make an impact in the lives of your readers.

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Engage Your Audience

One important blogging tip is to engage your audience with interesting and thought-provoking content, no need to keep it formal, having a conversational tone in your writing is the way to go. Let your voice take the forefront of your topic and it will give your blog a personality your readers can resonate with.

Stick To A Steady Schedule

When you have chosen your topic you want to write about, it’s recommended to post regularly so your readers won’t lose interest in your content. Consistency goes a long way and it’s the best method to build a loyal following of readers. It’s not good to post once every blue moon, keeping a schedule of posts means readers can read your content regularly and the longer they will stay engaged with your content.

There are online calendars and social media posting apps that can remind you of when to post so you won’t forget about posting, they can come in handy especially if you have a lot of content you are thinking of publishing.

Don’t Make Things Complicated

Blog posts don’t need to be lengthy reports or research papers, they can be simple with just a few paragraphs and maybe a few images to showcase the topic you are writing about. For added excitement, they can even be random, or snippets of news about an event, place, or product. So long as the content is interesting enough to engage readers and keep them interested in future content.

Allow Commentary From Your Readers

Direct engagement with your readers allows for discussion on your chosen topic, you can see what others think about your writing and this can create a viral effect. Who knows, a piece you wrote about on a brand new product or restaurant can receive thousands of views and the comment section can erupt in awe about it. Conversely, comments can be harsh, but it’s best to reply in kind response when those negative comments come your way, you don’t want to put your reputation in jeopardy.

Come Up With A Catchy Title

You can’t go wrong with a catchy title, after all the title is the first piece of a post or article a reader notices. Titles draw in attention, and they can draw in traffic with the right words or phrases. Especially if you want your article to stand out online, having a catchy title is necessary for search engine optimization so your content can be easily found on Google. Just like a book cover gives the first impression to its reader, a catchy title works the same way with a blog post.

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