5 Reasons Why You Need To Have First Aid Training

Here’s the plain truth: accidents happen. Injuries are inevitable, and they may traumatize us. Do you know someone who’s taken a First Aid Training Program? Ask them if they regret it. Chances are, you’ll always hear “No.” Let’s take a look at a few essential reasons why even basic first aid knowledge makes you a valuable asset.

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1. Safety

“The people who gave him CPR are what gave him a chance at all.” – Dave Cook

First Aid training is all about preventing death and saving lives. The now-cliché (but oh so true) adage “It’s better to be safe than sorry” is golden, sage advice. Knowing First Aid increases public safety: the more people who have qualifications and are trained, inspire them to be safer in their everyday lives. Plus, when you’re out and about in public, you inherently make the “safety” risk in public much lower, as you alone have the tools necessary to keep people from harming themselves. By keeping yourself safe, you keep yourself able to help people who are less fortunate.

2. Eases Comfort

Not all injuries result in a trip to the hospital. However, pain still exists and does happen on a daily basis (especially if you or someone else is particularly accident-prone; I’m guilty.) Applying an ice pack to a bruise, scrape or swollen area can immediately remove the pain – versus panicking, wondering what to do, or applying the ice pack to make the situation worse. (Do you know what to do?)

First Aid training also teaches you how to remain calm under pressure, and comfort anyone in severe distress. Take the cool and collected example of emergency responders who always talk to you like you’re having coffee with them. This professionalism is necessary in the face of danger.

3. First Aid Training Saves Lives

“I started CPR on him and he came back [to life].” – Penny Brown

There is no denying that having training in First Aid saves lives. To some of us, our natural instinct (when we see/hear someone in an accident) is to rush over and help them in any way possible. Rushers who aren’t qualified in First Aid, in their hectic race to help, may be so overwhelmed with fear and anxiety that they make the situation worse. On the other hand, someone who has a CPR Scholarship is more reliable and confident in dangerous—potentially life-threatening–situations. Appropriate First Aid from a trained professional reduces a person’s recovery time, making you a far more valuable bystander than a well-meaning but ill-informed “rusher.”

4. Prevents Deterioration

This means you’ll be able to use household or random items to help treat injuries when they occur – items that shouldn’t work. It’s worth considering Roosevelt’s famous line: “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

Another ability you’ll learn is how to collect data and information from the injured – information which helps emergency responders vital time. (Especially if the situation is deteriorating by the minute.)

“I think it’s good for everybody to know CPR. It’s good for me because I get to live.” – Jeff Wilson

5. Relieves Pain

First Aid training teaches you safety, and how to increase the likelihood of your life rate. You will learn how to change any harmful lifestyle habits, and get on the fast track towards a healthier, happier future. (Which is an amazing journey in this new year.) Knowing how to healthily take care of yourself can prevent a host of heart diseases or other life-crippling medical problems.


“If there is a bystander who recognizes the emergency and is ready, willing and able to act, they can double or triple survival rates if they begin immediate CPR.” – Mary Hazinski

Having proper training inspires confidence – you simply radiate an aura of “I know what I’m doing”, because you do. This training trains you to keep your wits about you as you either save lives or help lives deal with the pain more easily. There is no doubt about it: being trained in First Aid makes you an incredibly valuable member to yourself, your family and society.

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