5 Shooting Gloves That Is Worth The Money

There’s nothing better than a weekend spent shooting with your friends, especially if you’ve decided to invest in shooting gloves. Spending money on gloves may not be a necessity for many people. However, when you invest in the right ones, you will be protecting your hands and preventing damage that might occur during shooting sessions.

They’re important because if the weather is too warm and you’ve been shooting a lot, your gun can get hot and burn your hands. And in cold weather, you would need to use shooting gloves to keep the feeling in your fingers while shooting.

But most importantly, by choosing the right shooting gloves that fit your hands, you will have a firmer grip and reduce the chances of the gun slipping from your hands. Here are the best five shooting gloves to get.

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PIG Full Dexterity Tactical Gloves

PIG FDT is the number one recommended pistol gloves for tactical circumstances because they were worn by law enforcement and were also worn in combat by the US Special Operations Soldiers. These pistol shooting gloves have an outstanding quality when it comes to the material on the palm and trigger finger; they’re designed so that only one layer of material contact the shooting grip, which gives a bare-hand shooting feel.

You can also access items in your pockets easily because of the knuckle padding. The PIG FDT gloves also have a conductive thumb and trigger finger material that allows you to use your phone freely without losing dexterity.

Bob Allen

If you’re searching for leather gloves that provide you with an excellent feel for your gun, then the Bob Allen gloves are the perfect match for you. These gloves have palm, thumb, and fingers, reinforced with leather, and are flexible for all tasks related to shooting. However, they’re not compatible with touch screens, so forget your phone for the duration of your shooting time.


Magpul technical shooting gloves are the perfect fit for those who are looking for lightweight and durable gloves. Magpul has several features that can enhance your shooting experience. The narrow sensitive forefinger and the touch-sensitive thumb improve accuracy while shooting and allows you to use your phone and other devices. The Magpul technical gloves are perfect for cold weather; they can warm your hands.


If you’re a fan of half-hand gloves, then Beretta Men’s Mesh Half Finger Gloves are worth your money. The Beretta gloves’ material is expandable, which means that it offers complete comfortability while wearing them. And it has all the best features when it comes to suitable shooting gloves. However, Beretta gloves are not for cold weather.

Mechanix Wear

The Mechanix Wear-Original covert tactical gloves are designed to cover the entire hand, and the material makes it breathable even when used for an extended period. These gloves will keep your hands dry and comfortable no matter how long you’ve been wearing them.

Mechanix wear is designed to handle hot items. And there is no stitching on the palm, which means that nothing will interfere with your accuracy while shooting, and you’ll be able to move your hands freely.

There are many types when it comes to shooting gloves. However, the primary key is to choose the one that allows you to have more control over your gun and improves your accuracy. There are other factors that you should focus on when you’re buying shooting gloves, such as the size and whether you’re comfortable in it or not.

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