5 Simple Steps To Planning Your Next Holiday

The holiday planning process should be exciting and stress-free, but in reality, this is not always the case. The stress of finding a good deal, choosing the perfect location and then trying to find a hotel that suits your needs can be overwhelming and time-consuming. There are, however, ways in which you can make life a lot simpler for yourself. Whether you’re planning a snowboarding trip, relaxing beach getaway or busy city break, these top tips will see you through the planning stages with minimal stress and arguments…

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Choose Your Dream Destination

Struggling to make a decision? It’s worth doing a little pre-booking research, travel blogs are a great place to start. You can gain great insight into the destination from an unbiased perspective. Discussing with friends and family is also worth doing, as they may be able to provide recommendations based on their own travels. Following this, try to whittle down your options to three destinations and understand what it is you want to get from this holiday. Are you looking for somewhere busy with plenty to do? Are you seeking natural beauty spots? Or perhaps you just want sandy beaches and clear blue water. If all else fails, put your three destinations in a hat and draw one out. Now there’s a fun idea!

Check Your Passport & Visas

It’s surprising just how many people don’t realize their passport is close to its expiry date. Some countries require travelers to have at least six months validity on their passport in order to enter. Don’t risk being turned away, check your passport as soon as possible to avoid upset. You’ll also need to check if the country you’re visiting requires you to apply for any visas. For example, if you’re visiting the USA you will need to apply for an ESTA. Failure to do so will result in the first plane back home, now that’s depressing.

Find A Good Deal

It doesn’t matter if you’re jetting off somewhere exotic or simply heading on a short city break, you should always look out for the best deals to save your hard-earned cash. Let Kayak do the hard work for you! This handy little website searches hundreds of travel websites to find you the best deal possible. It’s a timesaver and a money saver. It also gives you handy stats such as the cheapest times to visit and the average hotel prices for weeknights and weekends.

Insure Your Trip

Insurance doesn’t just protect your valuable, it covers your trip itself and any medical emergencies. Healthcare bills abroad can seriously mount up and if you find yourself in need of treatment without insurance, we best hope you have a wealthy relative willing to foot the bill. Annual insurance policies offer year-round cover and remove the time and hassle it takes to apply for cover every time you go away.

Plan Your Transport

You’ve booked the trip, got your insurance and now it’s time to head off and enjoy yourself! Before you go, it’s a wise idea to check out the public transport situation and determine the best way to get around whether that be on foot, Uber, or hiring a car. Walking is a great way to truly immerse yourself in a new city, but it’s not always convenient if the major sights and attractions are spread out.

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