Cake Hotel: Where Almost Everything Inside Is Made From Sugary Cake

If you have a sweet tooth, I bet you’d like to spend the night at this cake hotel. Too bad it was only open for one night! Almost everything inside this hotel is made from either cake or some other kind of sweet deliciousness. It took 14 artists 900 hours to decorate the inside of the hotel with 1,325 pounds (600 kilos) of sugar. Each room is filled with childlike-fantasies that seem almost magical, like the world of Willy Wonka. Most of the meticulous decorations are edible, and they are deliciously waiting to be eaten.

The windowsills are made entirely from fudge. The books on the bookshelf are edible, and even the bathtub is filled with caramel popcorn. The rugs on the floor are made from hand-stitching meringues together, and marshmallow garland is used to decorate the walls. Speaking of the walls, they are partially edible too (with macaroons). There’s even a treasure chest filled with edible pearls and statues made entirely from chocolate and cake.

The cake hotel consists of eight rooms across three floors, and each one is a fantasy come true for any chocolate or sugar lover. This hotel was created to promote Tate & Lyle Sugars, and their new line of golden and brown cane sugars. The cake hotel really shows how much you can create with golden and brown cane sugar. When it was all completed, there were thousands of sugary treats for guests to savor, including over 100 pieces of edible art.

You can click over to to get a detailed description of each of the eight themed rooms. Whoever got to stay in this cake hotel for the one night it was open was so l-u-c-k-y. Too bad there isn’t a place like this open for reservations all the time!

Bathe In Caramel Popcorn & Eat Cupcakes At The Cake Hotel

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