5 Things You Should Expect During Window Replacement

So, you have finally decided to do window replacement? Congratulations! Now, I know there are several questions you are trying to answer before you embark on your windows replacement project. Don’t worry. Total Home Windows and Doors got your backing and if you follow these things, your replacement project will run smoothly.

Before the big day of replacing your windows, you have selected the best window installer by comparing the contractor’s experience, pricing, reviews, among other aspects. You should also have chosen the right window styles which you want to use in your home.

If you have considered aspects such as material, functions, styles, security and durability, there is no doubt you have chosen the right replacement window option. Once most of the legwork is completed, here are five things you should expect during window replacement. Take a peek.

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1. Home Prep

Your installer will protect your interior property by covering it with drop cloths and paddings. You can also contribute by ensuring everything movable is moved away from the windows. Work on your exterior to facilitate installation by clearing the bushes and other items around the windows to leave enough space for the window installer to walk freely while installing the new windows. To avoid causing alarm, switch off the security cameras around the areas being worked on. Do not forget to confirm with your installers the windows you want to be replaced to avoid confusion.

2. The Installation Process

During window replacement, the installation team will start by removing your old window. They do it from the interior part and start by cutting ropes in the sash. Once the old window is out, they use a shim to check if the opening is leveled. Then, they fit the new window, loosely fastening it and checking whether it is leveled.

This step helps in preventing difficulties in operating the window once it is fastened. After confirming that the window is leveled, they fasten the screws tightly. Stops are re-installed and caulking is done at this step. The window is finally protected from weather elements and sealed using the exterior trim.

3. Additional Labor

Other than doing window replacement and installing the new ones, a professional installer helps you identify areas that require additional labor. Often, these areas are identified when taking measurements for your window. Such areas include cutting mull posts, removing mold, and fixing rot.

Your installer can recommend working on these areas before or after the installation, depending on how they affect the process. Additional labor helps in preventing the new window’s efficiency. However, note that the additional labour could influence the final price of your project.

4. Walk Through And Inspection

After windows replacement, make sure you walk through the completed work and inspect. Check whether the new window is functional and whether there are gaps left around. You can ensure that by closing and opening the windows to test their functioning.

See if there are any damages made by your contractors and once you are satisfied, you can release them by signing off the contract. If you notice any hitch, talk to your contractors and let them work on the problem to avoid aggregating it after they are gone.

Usually, they work on the problem swiftly to ensure you are happy and create a chance to doing window replacement for you in future. Most contractors clear up their mess after they are done working. That is, they leave with their litter or sub-contract a company to do a clean-up.

5. Warranty

To avoid frustrations in the future when you need your warranty to cover for you, ask questions. A genuine contractor should be able to explain the contents of their warranty and how to claim it. A good warranty should be able to cover most damages that occur unintentionally. Should the window become malfunctioned because of a company’s faulty window-making materials, the warranty should cover you without hesitating.

It should also be long-lasting to give you confidence that the window you want to invest in will serve you for long. Do not sign a windows replacement warranty whose terms are not clear as you may end up counting losses after a short time.

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