5 Things You Didn’t Know About E-Cigarettes [Infographic]

Everyone knows…cigarettes are bad for you, but when the boss is breathing down your neck, your kids are acting up, and the stress is piling on, sometimes the short term benefits of a cigarette high can outweigh your desire for long term health. Even many lung cancer patients continue smoking after they are diagnosed. This is causing a bit of a health emergency in the United States where 23 percent of adults are addicted to smoking, according to the ACDE.

For years, people have pondered the idea of a cigarette without the health risks, and finally in 2004, Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik manufactured a product that would realize this idea – the electronic cigarette, or e-cig. An e-cig is a cylindrical device that heats nicotine infused liquid, often flavored, into vapor that can be inhaled from one end of the device. Many of these e-cigs are made to look like traditional cigarettes, while others have a more unique look to them. The flavored liquids, called e-juice, include the traditional tobacco taste, fruits, cocktails, and even one that’s supposed to taste like marijuana.

E-cigarettes aren’t just beneficial to your lungs; they provide other benefits including saving money. The average price for a pack of cigarettes ranges from $4.74 in West Virginia to $11.90 in New York. That’s between .23 – .59 cents for one cigarette. This may seem like a small amount, but a pack a day in a standard 30-day month can cost you $142.20 to $357. Aside from the initial cost of an e-cig starter kit, e-juice only costs about $35 – $100 a month even for the heaviest smokers. That’s around at least a $42 of savings every month.

Even with the benefits, some people are still skeptical about this new trend. This infographic aims to educate those who may be wondering how an e-cig works and how the device might benefit them.

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Via: [DFWVapor]