5 Ways Quitting Smoking Improves Your Physical Appearance And Changes Your Life

Quitting smoking is one of the smartest choices any smoker, occasional or heavy smoker, can make to boost their physical and mental health and well-being and also improve the life of their loved ones. Adopting healthier habits will not only make your heart and lungs thank you but when you stop smoking, your physical appearance will also change for the better.

We’ve all seen people who avoid smiling or showing their teeth. Smokers do that because they have yellow teeth or stains that smoking has left on their teeth.  Some have brown gums.  Not feeling proud of your smile makes you want to hide away from the world.

Who wouldn’t? This is just one of the many ill side effects that can be reversed when you quit smoking. Specifically, when you give up this addictive nicotine habit you’ll experience.

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1. Whiter Teeth

Nicotine stains the teeth, and these yellow stains can also be found on a smoker’s nails and fingers. When you quit smoking and adhere to a proper brushing routine, you’ll be able to whiten your teeth over time, without using any teeth – whitening products.

However, professional solutions can help whiten teeth further. Duration plays a major role in the whitening of your teeth. The longer you smoke, the harder it will be to reverse teeth staining. Keep in mind that smokers who keep on smoking and whiten their teeth end up wasting their money as tobacco stains the teeth again.

2. Tighter Body Skin

Smoking destroys your body’s appearance, as it does not allow enough oxygen to flow to your body and cells. This is a process that leaves your skin:

  • Yellower
  • Duller
  • Drier

Smoking impacts the skin because smoking leads to blood vessels narrowing, which results in a decrease in oxygen in the blood and nutrients reaching the surface of the skin.

When you give up smoking your skill will look younger because collagen, which is important for elastin in your skin and can be found in youth-promising creams, will also be able to reach the surface of the skin, so you’ll have tighter and brighter skin as a result.

3. Brighter & Younger Looking Face

Smokers look older, and this is because of the lack of blood flow and nutrient transport that we discussed earlier. The dull look of the skin and wrinkles make a person look old. But when you stop smoking, the blood vessels will stop narrowing, therefore, increasing blood flow and allowing your skin to look younger and brighter as a result.

Fewer wrinkles will make you look younger immediately. Skin tightening will make you look even younger no matter how old you are, so you’ll be able to reverse some of the aging that you’ve experienced since you’ve started smoking.

4. More Confidence

After the cravings start to fade away which takes a few days, you’ll notice all of the positive changes from not smoking. Your skin will be smoother and brighter, your confidence will be restored, and even your hair will start to thicken.

All these changes paired with the sense of achievement will make you feel better about yourself. Confidence is in store for anyone that has stopped smoking.

Your teeth will be cleaner, your skin will be better, your nails will look better, and you’ll look younger. It’s impossible not to have more confidence when you quit smoking.

5. Fresh Smell

When you kick smoking, you will experience smell benefits in 2 ways.

One, your sense of smell will improve. Smoking damages your senses of smell and taste. When you smoke, you’re not able to really smell things around you. That can pose a danger but also make you miss out on refreshing smells that could improve your mood. All it takes is just 48 hours for these nerve endings to start growing, improving your sense of taste and smell.

But also, stopping smoking cigarettes means you also won’t have that “smoking smell” lingering on your clothes, hair, and skin as well as your house, car and belongings. From a non-smoker’s point-of-view, it’s very easy to identify a smoker by the way they smell. The smell is trapped in their clothes, hair and even furniture. Most smokers are also annoyed by the cigarette smell coming from other smokers or even their own clothes.

While these benefits may seem superficial at first, they’re just a few of the benefits that everyone who quits smoking can start to enjoy. Our physical appearance matters only because it reflects our health. You can tell someone is not well from the way they look. But when you look at someone radiating energy, you immediately know they are healthy and that makes them look attractive.

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