5 Ways to Simplify Life and Still Find Happiness

As our life progresses, it seems to become a bit more complicated and cluttered. I know some people who have complained to me that the number of activities in their lives sometimes gets overwhelming.

There may be questions that run through your head as you make your way through your daily activities. You might even ask yourself, “Is this all worth it?” I know there are days when we get so preoccupied with our to-do list that we juggle our schedule between work and play, and time with our friends and family.  I am not suggesting that we should just let go and just leave our responsibilities behind. What I am saying is that maybe we can still have the joys that we long for if we try to simplify our lives just a little bit everyday. We can make some changes that will have an impact on our well being. Here are 5 ways that I hope can help you simplify your own life and still find happiness:

1. Check your dependence on material things – It boils down to two things: the things in life that we want and the things in life that we need.  We often get the two confused.  I am not saying for you to give up what you want, but just make sure that you are not killing yourself just to achieve it.  You will only find satisfaction if you do not feel burdened getting it.

2. Create some time for yourself – I am an advocate of “me” time.  The best way we can give more to our family and friends and the people around us is to be happy.  Make time for that manicure or pedicure.  Make time for the spa or give yourself time to read your favorite book or watch that much awaited movie.

3. Enjoy the simple pleasures of life – I have learned this and can say that it has truly helped me a lot to relax and learn to enjoy the little things in life.  One must never focus on things he or she does not have but rather appreciate everything that he or she has right now. There are days that I enjoy sipping coffee or eating yogurt in the park.

4. Don’t be a control freak for a day – For those who want to be in control all the time, I believe that you should try to let go for a moment.  Being in control all the time can lead to stress, especially if there are variables in the configuration of a task.

5. Make the “now” count – It is not wrong to make plans for our future, what is not good is that some people tend to obsess with accumulating wealth to the point of having no life after work at all.  One should realize that we should make the now count as well.  A good example is when parents always make a point to work very hard, and in the meantime, they lose out on their kid’s childhood.  Another example is when we work so hard that we miss out on spending time with our best friends or siblings. Remember, we cannot bring back the time we have lost. Try not to worry so much!

The best way for me to summarize all the above is that the best way for anyone to accomplish their dreams is to find that balance. After all, life is short.  What do you think?