5 Ways To Make Your Yard Smarter This Summer

Summer is here. For kids, that means lazy days by the pool. For adults, that means weekends spent mowing the lawn, tending the garden and finding new creative ways to keep the mosquitos away.

Yard work isn’t at the top of anyone’s list of favorite things. These five gadgets will make your life easier and help you build a smarter yard.

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1. Invest In A Robot Mower

Hate mowing the lawn? Delegate the task – to a robot. Yes, you can now buy robot mowers. It’s like having a Roomba for your backyard.

These quiet mowers will keep your lawn looking perfect all summer long. Just set the perimeter, and the unit’s GPS-assisted navigation will take care of the rest. High-end robot mowers can detect objects, climb slopes and even navigate through tough terrain.

Some models, like the Husqvarna Automower 450X, will mow up to 1.25 acres before needing a rest. Models are also available – at a lower price – for smaller yards.

2. Install A Smart Irrigation System

Water is the key to keeping your lawn and garden looking its best. Sprinklers are a great investment, but they waste water – unless you install a smart irrigation system.

The best models sync up with Nest, Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT to ensure that your system only waters the lawn when necessary. In fact, these systems can actually save you money on your water bill and help you avoid wasting this precious, limited resource. They use tools like local weather reports, yard size, sun exposure and soil conditions to understand the best times to water.

3. Add Alexa-Compatible Lighting

Take down the tiki torches and install some real lighting. Smart LED garden light systems come in a wide range of colors and can be controlled through your smartphone or Alexa device. Through Alexa, you can also change the colors of the lights with a simple voice command.

4. Use A Log Splitter

Summer nights are synonymous with bonfires, but who has the time – or desire – to split wood? Save your axe and your back. Get a log splitter.

Just as its name suggests, log splitters split wood for you. Just load it up, and let the machine take care of the rest. The best log splitter models have top-notch safety features and high-performance standards, so you can get right to making those s’mores without roasting in the summer sun all afternoon.

5. Try Garden And Plant Sensors

Not sure why your plants are dying? Sensors can help you understand what’s going on with your potted and garden plants.

Some can run diagnostics on the soil to let you know the light levels, pH and other factors that may be hurting your plants. For potted plants, sensors can tell you when it’s time to add fertilizer or water.

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