5 Word Games To Improve Your Vocabulary

Having a vast vocabulary is much more than just impressing people with fancy words. Not only does having a vast vocabulary improve your writing skills but it also improves your other skills of communication including listening, reading, and speaking.

Many times in schools, students are asked to explain something or write about something in their “own words” and if their vocabulary is huge then they wouldn’t have any problem using their own words. Plus, having a big vocabulary also improves the academic and social confidence and competence of the students.

And all of this is just the tip of the iceberg, there are many other benefits that you get when you have a vast vocabulary such as you needn’t check the dictionary every time when you come across a difficult word in a novel or newspaper.

With that being said, learning isn’t easy and no one likes to sit and just go through the dictionary to improve their vocabulary. To make the whole process of improving vocabulary, there are different games available that are not only enjoyable but also beneficial as they improve your vocabulary. So, here are 5 Word Games To Improve Your Vocabulary.

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1. Scrabble

Scrabble is one of those classic word games that is known to have a huge effect on your vocabulary. Scrabble is popular across the whole, particularly in the US, and is played in many households. The reason why Scrabble is so popular is that it is a competitive game where you have to compete against your opponents and beat them by scoring more words and at the same time it is very beneficial since you learn new words and definitions by playing Scrabble.

There are over 100,000 2-8 lettered words in the Official Scrabble Dictionary and while playing the game, you can use any of those words. For kids who have a weak vocabulary, playing Scrabble can be very beneficial for them since they want to beat their opponents and in this way, their vocabulary is improved.

To play Scrabble, you can also take help from the Scrabble Word Finder tool that will help you find all the possible word combinations from the letter tiles that you have available at the hand.

2. Crosswords

Solving crossword puzzles can also improve your vocabulary. Crossword puzzles come in different difficulties, some crosswords are easy and are solved very easily while others are difficult and take experts to solve them. Crosswords are available for everyone, if your vocabulary is weak then you can try out the easier ones and if your vocabulary is strong then you can try out difficult ones.

In Crossword Puzzles, there are many new words and phrases that the players are not familiar with and while solving crosswords, the players learn new words, phrases, and definitions that can improve the vocabulary. Plus, solving crosswords is also beneficial for the mind and it is a mental exercise that keeps your brain fit and active.

3. Words With Friends

Words with Friends is a popular online word game by Zynga that is similar to Scrabble. Although both the games, Scrabble and Words with Friends are different but share many similarities. Just like Scrabble, you have to play against other players and create words using the letter tiles available at hand and beat your opponents.

Just like Scrabble, Words with Friends can help improve your vocabulary and the plus point is that you needn’t have a board or friends to play this, you can easily play this game on your smartphone against random players from around the world and beat them.

Words with Friends also has an Official Dictionary that has a huge list of different words that can be played. It is one of those games that is easily accessible, very enjoyable, and also improves your vocabulary.

4. Boggle

Boggle is another classic word game that depends on how vast your vocabulary is. You will have to shake the whole grid 5×5 and see how many words you can find in three minutes. The letters are boldly printed on big blocks that makes it easier for people of all ages to play.

The game depends on how vast your vocabulary is, if your vocabulary is strong then you can easily find the most words in three minutes and win the game whereas if your vocabulary is weak then you will probably be beaten by other players. It is a test among the players to see who has the strongest vocabulary and find as many words as possible in a limited time period.

5. Word Search

WordSearch is another classic word game that involves 2-4 players. In this game, a circular board is placed clockwise and rotated to reveal the first word. The players have to find that word on the board and the first player who finds that word gets to place his tiles on the world. The game involves different words, some words that are new to some people.

As the game goes on, there arise opportunities for players to remove the tiles played by the opponents and replace them with their own. At the end of the game, the player having the most tiles on the board wins the game. It is a great way to learn word recognition and spelling, plus the competitive edge of the game makes it very interesting and fun to play.

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