Achieving Excellence With Your Writing – Top 4 Secrets Of A+ Students

When first starting college, you had probably set the goal to get only straight A’s. Because you are taking a major that revolves around your passion, and that is writing, managing to become a successful student might not have seemed like such an unobtainable thing. However, once you have discovered the difficulties surrounding certain classes, your desire of being an A+ student might have slowly started to fade away. Here are the things the most successful students recommend, as well as numerous tutors, educators, and professors.

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1. Diana James – South Alabama University, USA.

Pursue Your Writing Passion, Not A’s

Yes, that’s right! You should never focus your attention on getting the best grades, but on your passion instead. When putting all your effort and thought into your college activities only to become a straight-A student, the chances of actually becoming one are quite slim. You have chosen your college major based on your passion for writing, so focus on that instead. When you become 100 percent satisfied with your work, and when all of your essays and articles are done with dedication, interest, commitment and most of all extreme passion, the positive outcomes will also show in your class scores.

When you are constantly handling your college work in a way that you think will satisfy your professors, and neglect your own vision and style, the quality of your essays will never be as high as you would want. So, put your passion first, and write articles that you, first of all, enjoy. You are your own biggest critic, so when you manage being content with your work, your educators will also be – this is something that the majority of successful students believe in.

2. Gunadhya Jayavant – Tufts University, USA

Accept Failure

Failure can be a normal step on the pathway towards success. A bad mark should always motivate you, and help you grow, not be a bump in the way. Lots of students stop to try when failed once. Some of them try to buy an essay, because they do not believe in their own strengths. If you discuss with any of your A+ colleagues, they will be able to tell you that to achieve excellence you might first need to deal with failure, this being the case for many now-successful students.

Experiencing failure can have its own role in the further development of your college journey, so learning to accept it and move on is essential. Perhaps when you write an essay and receive negative feedback, your first instinct might be to stop trying – but ambition and perseverance are the things that will help you obtain excellence, so always use any kind of negative feedback to your advantage.

3. Dave Stephenson – University of Toronto, Canada

Make Studying And Writing Your Number One Priority

Achieving greatness requires commitment. If you wish to become a straight A+ student, regardless if you might already have a sharp mind and raw talent at writing, putting in a lot of hard work is also necessary. You will never see an A+ student spend hours every day engaging in activities that have nothing to do with college, so cutting down on unproductive activities will be necessary. Although you don’t need to be with a book or a pen in your hand 24/7, you should dedicate the majority of your time focusing on your studies.

4. Erica Khadu – Bristol Community College, United Kingdom

Find What Works Best For You

Regardless of what A+ student you discuss with, the chances are that each one uses a different method of learning, or conducting projects and writing essays. Each person has their own style, their own voice and their own methods of improving themselves. In comparison with more technical fields, literature and writing are more personal, so analyzing yourself first, and finding the things that work best for you in terms of both subject learning and content writing will be necessary. Try various methods until you find the right one for you, and then, your goals will be much easier to achieve.

As a novice writer, who is currently following a major in the field, obtaining excellence is, of course, your ultimate goal. Although there is no right way of becoming an A+ student, each individual having its own methods of becoming more successful, there are things that remain essential for the improvement of your academic performance. The tips mentioned above are ones that the majority of successful students can agree upon, so give them more of your thought.

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Achieving Excellence With Your Writing – Top 4 Secrets Of A+ Students

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