6 Best Essay Paper Writing Services in the U.S.

A group of writers conducted a study among 23,584 students in the U.S. The study aimed at identifying the 6 best essay paper writing services in the U.S. Below is the list of these 6 best writing services that students in America prefer.

The services are presented from the most preferred. Keep reading and discover some of the essay paper services you may rely on. You will also get answers to the most asked questions about the essay paper writing service.

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6 Best Essay Paper Writing Services In The U.S.

Essay Mojo

EssayMojo is the most popular essay paper writing service in the US. This Essay paper writing service has been in the industry for over 10 years. It is one of the most trusted services. Most students agree that PaperHelp is the best because;

  • They offer high-quality papers.
  • They deliver their work on time.
  • Their services are affordable.
  • Essay paper posts customer reviews on their website. You can find a lot of positive feedback. You will also find a few negative feedbacks. Customer support replies to all responses. This shows that they have great customer support.
  • They have the best essay paper writers. They hire the best writers.
  • They deliver original papers
  • They offer a money-back guarantee
  • Customers can ask for free revisions.

At EssayMojo, placing your order is simple. It involves several steps.

  • Fill out an online form.
  • Give the details of your paper. The details include; your question, and required format, and deadline, etc.
  • Use the calculator to estimate the cost of your paper. Expect to pay as low as $12 per page for a high school essay paper. For a Ph.D. dissertation, the cost is $24 per page.

Essay Ever

The second-best essay paper writing service in the US is EssayEver. Students identify it as the cheapest service. The company has some unique features. First, it doesn’t have its writers. Instead, they work together with freelancers. This explains why their prices are lower. EssayEver works with both natives and non-natives. Luckily, you can ask for a native writer. Students like this essay service for several reasons, including;

  • Good quality work
  • Low prices
  • Good customer support
  • A fair money-back policy

Placing an order with ExpertWriting is easy. It involves;

  • Providing your order details
  • Selecting additional services
  • Paying for the order to confirm it.
  • Expect to pay $7.50 per page for a high-school essay paper. For a Ph.D. dissertation, you will pay $35 per page.


QueenEssay took the third position. It is the best choice for writers in the U.S. Writers prefer QueenEssay because of several reasons. These include;

  • They allow customers to choose a writer.
  • They have many professional writers.
  • They deliver well-written papers.
  • The services are affordable.
  • QueenEssay also allows you to pay for an order after receiving it. But, you must have some cash in your account.

To place an order with QueenEssay, do the following;

  • Sign up
  • Fill an online form
  • Provide your assignment details
  • Choose your preferred writer.

Expect to pay $10.80 per page for a high-school essay paper or essay. For a Ph.D. dissertation, you will pay $15.60 per page.


For the best quality, choose Essaysland. This service has not been in the industry for long. So, they have not done many orders. But the service has a lot to offer. Their website is simple. You can easily place your order. Other reasons whys students choose this service include;

  • They deliver high-quality work.
  • They meet all the deadlines.
  • They have an active support team.
  • They offer a money-back guarantee. For a too-late paper, you can get a 100% refund. You can also get a 30% refund for a paper with mistakes. But you may not estimate the cost of your paper before placing an order.
  • The services are affordable. For a custom paper, expect to pay from $17.55 per page.


If you want the best value for your money, think SpedyPaper. The service has a good reputation online. It offers several services. These include academic writing help and editing services. Students prefer bestessaywritingservices because;

  • They have many professional writers. You can choose regular writers or PRO writers. In both cases, you get quality work.
  • They offer sample papers. You can read the samples to assess their writing skills.
  • They have a good support team. They respond quickly and help with any issue.
  • They offer at least three revisions.
  • They deliver high-quality papers.
  • They meet all the deadlines.
  • The services are affordable. You can pay $9 per page for a high-school essay with a deadline of 20 days. For a deadline of 2 weeks, expect to pay $11 per page. For a dissertation, expect to pay as low as $23 per page.


GradeMiners was number 6 of the best essay paper writing services in the U.S. It is known for the fastest writing service. You can order any kind of essay or assignment. The service can help you with math tasks and lab reports. Why do students choose GradeMiners? Because;

  • They deliver all papers on time. This includes papers with the shortest deadlines. For example, they can deliver a paper with an hour deadline.
  • They deliver quality papers.
  • They have a good customer support team.
  • They post many customer reviews on their websites.
  • For low-quality paper, you can ask for a refund. But you must provide evidence such as a plagiarism report.
  • The services are affordable. Expect to pay $15.09 per page for a high-school essay. For a Ph.D. dissertation, you will pay as low as $27.08 per page.

10 FAQS About Essay Paper Services

Essay paper writing services continue to be popular among students. Some of the reasons why students use these services include;

  • A lack of enough time to do many writing assignments.
  • Low grades
  • Pressure to perform better.

The problem is that not all companies are reliable. Some companies will promise high-quality papers. The problem is that they will deliver low-quality work. This creates fear in most students. The solution is taking time before choosing a company. Read their guarantees and customer reviews. Know what customers are saying and then place your order. Below are some of the common questions that students ask about these services.

  • Are Essay Paper Services Worth It?

Yes, most essay paper services are worth it. They deliver high-quality services. Their services are also affordable. Note: a higher price doesn’t guarantee the highest quality. So, be careful when choosing the best service.

The best essay paper writing service will save you a lot of it. You can use the extra time preparing for your exams. So, we can say they are worth it.

  • Will I Get Caught If I Buy an Essay or a Paper Online?

A legitimate essay paper writing service guarantees plagiarism-free papers. They have professional essay writers experienced in writing original papers. They don’t resell papers. This means that nobody else gets your paper. So, you will not see your paper published on some websites. Also, only writers can access your paper. So, your papers are safe.

But if you use an unreliable service, you may not be safe. You may submit a plagiarized paper. So, you must be careful. Read reviews first. See what previous customers are saying about a service. If they are confident with the quality, then place your order.

  • Which is the Best Essay Paper Writing Service in the USA?

In this article, we have given you the 6 best essay paper writing services in the U.S. To identify the best essay paper service, answer the following questions;

  • Do they deliver orders on time?
  • Do they deliver quality papers?
  • Are their services affordable? Avoid extremely expensive or cheap services.
  • Do they guarantee original work?
  • Do they meet all the given requirements?

If the answers to these questions are yes, then, go ahead and place your order. If the answers are no, then find the best service.

  • Are Paper Writing Services Legal?

All registered paper writing services are legal. As long as they work per the law, they are legal. The purpose of the services is to improve students’ learning and writing skills. Professional writers help students to improve their academic performance. So, the essay writing industry is legit. In short, if you ask for help from paper writing services, you will not be breaking the law.

  • Can Turnitin Detect Essays and Essay Papers Bought Online?

Turnitin cannot detect essays that are bought online if they are plagiarism-free. What it does is identify any plagiarized content. So, nobody can tell if you used essay services. But if your paper is published on a website, it can be detected. Luckily, the best essay paper writing services don’t plagiarize content.

They write papers from scratch. If they use another person’s ideas, they provide in-text citations. They also use unique writing styles. So, your paper will never match another one. It will be unique and original. This means that Turnitin will not find similarities with papers available online. Don’t hesitate to use essay services online. Find a legit service and you will be safe.

  • Can I Pay Someone to Write an Essay Paper?

You can hire someone to write your essay paper. But you must choose a reliable essay paper company. Professional essay writers will help you produce a top-quality Essay paper. Ensure that you choose a company that offers several guarantees.

For example, they should guarantee original work. They should also guarantee confidentiality and a refund for poor work. It is better to use the most preferred essay paper writing service. This is because their writers have enough experience. They will not only deliver quality work but also deliver on time.

If you don’t choose a reliable company, you will be in trouble. Chances are that you will receive a low-quality paper. Working with freelance writers may also not be a good idea. They may not deliver work that meets your needs. This is because they are not regulated by external rules. In short, just choose a reliable essay service.

  • How to Find Genuine Essay Paper Writing Service Reviews?

It is very important to find a genuine Essay paper writing service. This is the only way to get top-quality papers on time. You can find a genuine service by reading reviews. The best essay paper services share customer reviews. You can find this on their websites.

Read all the comments. Then, look for other sites offering reviews about the company. Read all reviews. See whether customers are satisfied with their work. Expect both positive and negative reviews. If you find only positive reviews, take it as a warning sign. They may not be genuine. Consider also asking friends for reviews about an essay company.

  • Are Essay Paper Writing Services Safe?

Essay paper writing services are safe. They hire professional writers who deliver quality work. They offer several guarantees. For example, they guarantee top-quality work. They guarantee a refund for low-quality work.  So, if they don’t meet your needs, you can ask for a 100% refund. You just need to provide evidence to support the claim.

They guarantee privacy and confidentiality. This means that your details are safe. Personal info is not shared with third parties. So, you can be sure that these services are safe. But, you must choose a reliable company. Don’t place your order with any essay paper service. Some services are not safe. To be on the safe side, choose the most reliable company.

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