6 Signs You Are Substance Dependant

No one can deny the fact that drug addiction destroys millions of homes every year. However, this addiction doesn’t come naturally. Everyone has different reasons that led them to fall prey to this notorious disease.  If you think you’re just having a “bad day” because of something related to drugs or alcohol, you must be open about the issues in front of you. Drug addiction claims the lives of more than 0.1 million people across the globe annually.  In this discussion, we point out a few warning signs to look for to help you know if you’re suffering from substance abuse.

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1. Increased Tolerance

If you continue to use a drug repeatedly, your body will become accustomed to its frequent use. For an example, if you consume a single pill to get rid of a severe headache, and find that it won’t alleviate your pain. You might have to take several pills to get rid of your issue. Most people who frequently consume drugs without consulting a doctor often fall prey to addiction without even realizing that they’ve become addicts. If you experience increased tolerance to drugs with frequent dosage, it is essential to consult a doctor.

2. Loss Of Interest In Previous Hobbies

The worst con of drug addiction is that it curtails an individual’s good habits. If you have lost interest in previous hobbies, speak to a close friend or family member. A simple example is, if you used to hit the gym every day before and don’t feel like working out as a part of your routine anymore, what could be stopping you? Drug addiction plays with the mind in a way that a person suddenly loses interest in their previous healthy habits.

3. Desire To Continue Drug Use Despite The Negative Consequences

Are you using drugs despite experiencing negative effects to your health? If yes, you need professional help immediately. Addiction treatment centers provide 24/7 service to their patients that can help to conquer this epidemic. Drug addiction has several side effects on the body, which is why it is crucial to stop taking medicines. The desire to consume drugs despite negative consequences means that you’re an addict and need help.

4. You Look Different

Have you gained weight or developed acne marks on your face?  A common negative consequence of drug abuse is that one’s physical appearance begins to deteriorate. If you feel you have gained excess weight or have developed breathing issues, this implies that frequent drug use is exhibiting its repercussions. A deteriorating physical appearance will point out that there’s a need to consult a veteran professional.

5. You Have Trouble Getting Along With Others

How often did you use to meet your friends before?  Do you find it difficult to interact with people in your family and social circles? There’s no denying the fact that people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol have a very difficult time navigating healthy social relationships. Thousands of couples divorce each year as a result of a partner’s addiction. Furthermore, the problem gets worse when a person doesn’t articulate the issue to someone.

6. Your Self Confidence Is Lowering

Confidence is vital in today’s world. Self-confidence is essential as it helps a person interact with the people around them. Lower self-confidence is an obstacle in life and gives rise to multiple problems. If frequent use of drugs is causing your self-esteem to plummet, this implies addiction.

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