6 Things You Are Entitled To No Matter What Happens

Aren’t you tired of those conflicting messages you might receive almost every single day? Messages that make you feel like you are not entitled to being who you really are? They might include strong messages like:

  • “Don’t be selfish” followed by “you deserve”
  • “Don’t be critical” followed by “you are too naive”
  • “You have a big ego” followed by “everybody is tripping all over you”

There are many other examples like those above, but, I guess you got the point. The society doesn’t want to allow you to be as you are, but somewhat different; yet, if you change, again, you don’t seem good enough; people will find fault no matter what you do and how you are. Is it not?

However, your life belongs to you! Knowing who you are and what you want is paramount to building a happy and fulfilled life. Stand your ground and take what is rightfully yours. And because, perhaps, you don’t know, yet, what you are granted by default, here are 6 things you are entitled to no matter what happens:

1. Time Alone

Why should you take some time alone?

  • Increased sense of independence
  • Recharging your batteries
  • No pressure to do anything
  • Freedom to think of whatever you want
  • Releasing negative emotions and stress

When to take some time alone?

  • Feeling suffocated by people
  • Overwhelmed or stressed
  • You feel you should pay attention to something but don’t know what that is – your body sends you signals that something is not right
  • You need a moment to regroup, reflect, analyze things
  • You want some space to do whatever you please

When is not a good idea to take time alone:

If you notice that you’re going in circles, in a never ending loop, coming again and again to the same faulty conclusion or a dead end idea. In those situations, get together with people that can help you move on; people able to offer you new horizons and perspective, sound advice, a helping hand.

When you take time alone as an opportunity to isolate and disconnect from others out of low self-esteem and confidence issues.

2. Shape Your Physical Appearance As You Desire

[pullquote]You are entitled to present yourself as you want and not apologize for the way you look (done by you or nature).[/pullquote]

3. Shut Your Ears To Negative People

Increase your assertiveness skills and say NO to being abused, manipulated, disrespected, or dragged down by negative people and things. Take the courage and close your ears to negativity and at the same time, tell people what you want instead, how you want to be treated and what are you expecting from them.

4. Your Priority List

You are moving your life forward accordingly to your priority list based on your values and morals. Therefore, you are the one setting what is important to you, how you spend your time, energy, love, and money. Notice when some people play the emotional blackmail card to make you change the order of your priorities using expressions such as the following:

  • “I sacrificed [those] things for you and now you refuse to do [this] for me?!”
  • “I thought you are a good person until you [what you don’t want to do].”
  • “You are selfish and inconsiderate.”
  • “Do you see how you are?”
  • “You’re making time for [that – something important to you] but you have no time for me?”Stand your ground and follow your instinct and intuition. Trust that whatever you’re placing on your priority list deserves to be there.

5. Make Your Own Choices

Your decisions are the decisive factor about where and how your life is going. Yes, sometimes, you are not taking the best road, but how else could you learn other than from your OWN mistakes and errors?

People are trying to impose their opinions and views on you to take the road they think is best for you. However, no one know better than you do what is proper, best, and fits you.

Listen, most people are good people, and they don’t want to harm you, but help, sharing their experiences (what works or not for them in similar circumstances). Nevertheless, even when you know that people have the best intentions, it is annoying and might feel bad hearing “I told you so!.” Is it not?

Make your own choices with confidence and know that you might fail sometimes but that doesn’t mean you should start allowing yourself to be pushed around by others. Just because someone says to you “I told you so” is no indication that their way of doing things would have been any better that yours. Is it?

Know who you are and what you want from your life; set a clear path towards your dreams and goals.

6. Keep Secret Things About Yourself

You are the guardian of YOU! Therefore, who is best to decide what others know about you if not yourself?

Listen, most secrets are meant to be shared if you don’t want them to become an issue in your life. Is it not? However, there are things you want to keep to yourself, and that is okay. Note that if you can’t keep your secrets, then why would others be obligated to do it for you?

Now, remember that you have many rights and you are entitled to many things. However, just because you are granted something by default, it doesn’t mean you should enforce it each time. Be the judge of what is good for you and what is not.

6 Things You Are Always Entitled To

6 Things Always Entitled To