6 Types Of Winter Jackets For Men

When winter arrives, you probably just reach into your closet and simply take out a winter jacket to wear. But did you know that there are many different types of jackets that can be worn in the winter?

It is not necessary to have every single kind of winter jacket in your closet. However, you can procure them if you want just for the sake of dressing in style. The following are six types of’ winter jackets for men.

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1. Top Coat

Topcoat is a long formal coat that men usually wear when they are taking a walk on the street on a snowy day. It becomes popular quickly after it was first debuted in the 17th century. It is long and reaches just above the knee. The 3/4 length coat is made from heavier wool that can keep you warm on a typical winter day.

It is to be worn over a suit so don’t forget to bring it along when you go shopping. A topcoat is usually black, grey, or beige in color. The topcoat can complement well when worn with a grey and black suit.

2. Peacoat

The peacoat is a short outer coat with double-breasted fronts, vertical pockets, and button-down on two rows of 6 large round buttons. It was originally the uniform of European and American navies starting from as early as the 1720s. Today, the peacoat has become classic outerwear that can be worn by any individual.

The coat is appropriate for wearing in the cold weather of the fall season before the full bloom winter arrives. The classic color for pea coat is navy, but grey and chino colors are also becoming increasingly popular. You can wear a peacoat buttoned or unbuttoned.

3. Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket was invented for the pilots of the fighter jets in the Second World War. In those days, the jets do not have an enclosed cockpit to keep the pilots warm from the cold air when flying at high altitudes. Therefore, they invented the leather bomber jacket that features the inner lining of heavy wool up to the collars and cuffs.

The bomber is a short coat that ends around the beltline. It fitted tightly on your waist and cuffs. It complements with casual denim jeans and a t-shirt. You can shop Alpha Industries on https://www.itkkit.com/.

4. Down Jacket

Down jacket or puff jacket is a puffy coat with horizontal lines all over. A genuine down jacket is stuffed with the down feathers of a duck or geese. In between, the down features are small pockets of warm air that have been trapped. This is how the down jacket can keep the wearer warm. Goose down is warmer and lighter while duck down is heavier but cheaper.

The quality of a down jacket depends on the fill power. The higher the fill power, the higher the insulation it can provide. A down jacket that is designed for winter outerwear should have a fill power in between 600 – 800.

5. Parka

Parka is a thick fur coat worn by people in the Arctic. It was originally invented by the Caribou Inuit for use in hunting and kayaking. The original material used in making the parka is the sealskin. Nowadays, you can find them available in faux fur. You can easily identify a parka by the fur-lined hoods along with the thick and heavy material.

They are made with heavier materials to provide as much insulation as possible to the wearer under extreme weather conditions.  Some people like to wear a parka over a suit, but you can wear it over layers of clothing of your choice underneath.

6. Waxed Jacket

The waxed jacket has a wax coating that can protect it from getting wet on a snowy day. In the past, sailors wear a waxed coat to withstand the harsh sea waves. The waxed jacket is equipped with a flannel lining with a waistband that can stretch up to the torso. The water-resistant outer coating is usually paraffin or wax.

You can wear a waxed jacket when you are going on a hunting excursion. It looks best when you pair it with casual clothing such as jeans and boots. The jacket may need to be rewaxed every once in a while to maintain the water resistance.

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