Pretty Cake Clothes Hanging In An Edible Closet (Complete With iPad)

Wow, this would be a dream come true fantasy birthday cake for any little girl who loves her iPad and her Barbie dolls. What you see below is a cake closet filled with pretty cake clothes. All of those clothes, and all the accessories on the shelf and in the drawer of the closet, are all made out of cake. It’s all one big cake extravaganza of sugar and icing, but that’s not all. There is an iPad built into the door of the cake closet so you can go clothes and shoe shopping online while you eat the cake! It doesn’t get much better than that.

This masterpiece took cake sculptor Steph Parker about 40 hours to create, and it’s big enough to feed 100 people. It’s being called the world’s first miniature walk-in cake closet (with cake clothes). Since the shoes and handbags are also made out of cake, it makes for the ultimate cake creation. If you are really hungry, you can cut a big piece of the closet. If you just want a taste, you can eat a shoe. There are three flavors of cake incorporated into the cake closet, cake clothes and cake accessories…chocolate, vanilla and red velvet.

I wish I knew who she made this for, or if she just baked and decorated it for fun. The only problem I see with this cake is that unless it was served at a big party, it would most likely go bad before it could all be eaten, but maybe that’s not the point. Maybe it doesn’t matter if it’s eaten or not. Maybe it’s just about creating a cake closet with cake clothes hanging inside. If so, I totally get it. I wonder what Steph will make next. I can’t even imagine what could top this! I suppose she could create a cake version of the classic Barbie dreamhouse. Now that would be something!

An Edible Cake Closet With Cake Clothes & Cake Accessories





Via: [Incredible Things] [Daily Mail]