6 Ways Women Can Naturally Improve Their Health

There are so many reasons for improving our health. From enhancing our lives personally, so it is easier for us to see the sunnier sides of life, to make sure that our loved ones and family members get the best of us each and every single day. There is literally no downside to focusing on being healthier. (Even healthier than you may already be.) Whether you’re a single woman or married mom, here are several ways to naturally improve your health. Following any (or all) of this advice may just be the difference between falling behind, or fearlessly leaping over daily obstacles.

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1. Drink More Water

Are we drinking enough water? Seeing as how we are between 70-90% water, staying hydrated on H20 is vital for survival. Being hydrated keeps our skin looking younger, smoother and less saggy. Doesn’t looking younger boost your confidence and make you feel better about tackling the day?

2. Exercise (Obviously)

There are obvious benefits of exercising everyday—such as ramping up our blood circulation and blood flow, optimizing our mind for premium function, increasing happiness and reducing depression. Less obvious is the fact that physical activity, researchers discovered, lowers the chances of developing breast cancer.

Whether you bike for hours a day, jog for half an hour, perform Pilates or enter Yoga sessions, the idea here is to remain consistent. When we are consistent and stick to the plan, we dramatically improve our chances of improving ourselves.

3. Nurture

Oxytocin floods our brain with “feel good” emotions, warding off depression and feelings of hopelessness and stress. That’s why, as a strong woman with nothing to lose, it is important for you to warmly hug someone you love every single day. The benefits from sharing this intimate gesture (whether it’s with a friend, stranger or loved one) cannot be overstated. One hug is all it takes to make yourself, and the huggee, feel happier about themselves and life. Having a positive perception of life has been proven to extend our life.

4. Oils And Supplements

Certain supplements and oils, such as Omega 3 oils and salmon oils, have proven to improve your cognitive function, upgrading your brain power. As if that weren’t enough, the best CBD oil (made from CBD – a chemical compound in marijuana) has proven to reduce anxiety and pain. Another oil greatly beneficial to your health is extra virgin olive oil, which thousands of health industry experts swear by.

5. Consciously Snack

Snacking on healthy snacks in between meals stabilizes your mood and helps you lose weight. This means, instead of opting for a sandwich after breakfast, to opt for fresh almonds, hummus, and whole grain pitas, or a handful of delicious walnuts (which also boost your intelligence and sharpen your focus).

6. Be Kind

How would you like to be thought of as a truly inspirational woman? A great human that’s worth bragging about. It would feel nice, wouldn’t it? In this day and age, genuine human kindness is falling by the roadside. It has been scientifically proven that helping other people helps us feel better about ourselves. Doing something nice, randomly, for a stranger will surely make you memorable in their eyes.


Being in fantastic health helps us live longer, fuller lives. Improving our habits is the way to get there, and if you follow these tips, you will surely be on your way to making the most of your life and ensuring you live a few more years longer. Naturally. Happily.

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