60 Incredibly Simple & Fast Lifehacks To Optimize Your Living [Video]

Life is just too short to worry about all of the chores we have to do all day long. I mean, they all have to be done, but there are of course ways to optimize them. It is called lifehacking, and it is a popular way of solving problems without having to spend a whole bunch of cash or time. They are solutions that actually make sense instead of the old and boring ways we are used to doing things. The lifehacks available today truly speed things up quite a bit.

As some of you know, we have featured a bunch of lifehacks here on Bit Rebels before. It’s always a welcome subject it seems. It’s not only interesting to write about, but also nice to know they are being put to good use. Whatever chore you can come up with, I am sure there is a lifehack for it. As I mentioned, there are lifehacks for everything you can possibly imagine, so if you are looking to optimize something, you can probably find a way to do so on the Internet. Maybe it’s even available in the 60 lifehacks I am about to share with you today.

I could sit here all day and just link to a whole lot of different lifehacks, and as “fun” as that would be, I would rather show 60 lifehacks in one single video. That way, you can get a whole lot of optimization injected into your brain in one sitting. Just remember to bookmark this page, and you will be able to come back to it and watch it again if you forget one.

These lifehacks are both cost effective and simple. A pillowcase makes for a great fan dust cleaner. Coca Cola is great for washing your windows, and whenever you don’t have the energy to cook, just put your toaster on its side and create some lovely melted cheese toasts with it instead. There are plenty of these useful lifehacks in this awesome video. You will have to keep up though because they are presented in an ever increasing speed throughout the video. Happy lifehacking!

60 Incredibly Simple & Fast Lifehacks