7 Potential Benefits Of Vaping Herb

Vaping devices continue to grow in popularity amongst herb users today. Traditionalist smokers of herb are slowly beginning to transition from smoking towards vaporizers as users begin to recognize the potential benefits vaping offers in comparison to smoking.

Today’s generation of herb users is more informed than ever before with information readily accessible across multiple platforms. Due to this shift in the access to information, society has become more knowledgeable and health conscious as a result. This has seen a substantial effect on the herb industry and rises in growth within the vaping marketplace. If something is visibly healthier, more efficient and easier to use it makes sense to investigate it.

As evidence builds in support of vaping and builds against smoking we’ve decided to join the debate and have put together a list of 7 potential benefits of vaping herb so you can make an informed decision on the subject.

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1. Why Is Vaping A Healthier Alternative

It’s simple, by smoking you create combustion which creates smoke. When burning products such as tobacco they produce and release harmful carcinogenic properties (Including tar) which when inhaled by the user can lead to such things such as the inflammation of the lungs and even bronchitis.

Vaping works differently, vaping works by heating the chemical or solid at a lower temperature which produces a fine vapor, thus preventing combustion and the production of harmful carcinogenic properties. Aside from the prevention of combustion, the majority of the beneficial chemicals found within herb are also released at these lower temperatures meaning you not only get the health benefits that come with vaporizers you also get a better end product and result.

 2. Vaping Is More Efficient

Initially, many smokers might be put off by vaping when having to initially invest in a portable vaporizer or other vaporizer product. It’s more expensive than smoking paper or a bong, however, in the long term, you’ll begin to see substantial savings. Vaporizing your herb massively reduces the amount of product you will use.

Users of vapes use around 10% to 30% less herb of their herb product in comparison to smoking or using a bong. Over time this culminates in substantial savings to the user. As mentioned before, vaping operates at a much lower temperature than smoking. This basically means the beneficial properties found within the herb being used are treated more gently and reduces their consumption rate dramatically.

3. Discretion

Vaporizing herb will still produce an odor, but it will pale in comparison in strength to the odor created when smoking. Discretion is still something many users of herb still search for as the stigma surrounding the herb plant is still prevalent in today’s modern society. The vapor created will disperse into the air far quicker than when smoking meaning and will also prevent the likelihood of the smell lingering on the users clothing.

4. Easier & Faster To Use

Having a vaporizer on hand to use makes it simple and easier to use your herb. Unlike more time consuming conventional methods such as rolling or bongs, vaporizers allow you to simply fill the chamber with the dry herb or concentrates and in moments you can enjoy your product.

5. Fast Acting Relief

There are various methods of consumption a herb user can use however, not all methods work in the same way. The stomach absorbs cannabinoids at a much slower rate than the lungs do.

This results in a longer period before a user can feel the effects. Vaporizing herb is absorbed via the lungs given it a more direct path to the bloodstream thus giving the user-visible effects within seconds. For users who use herb as a pain relief method portable vaporizers are a great fast acting source of relief and unlike smoking doesn’t add to the user’s health woes.

6. AVB (Already Vaped Bud)

Maybe not ever herb users immediate thoughts when considering potential benefits of using vaporizers, AVB offers the user a way in which to get the most from their product. AVB is the herb that is left over after vaporizing. In most cases, AVB will be slightly darker brown in color with a different aroma compared to the fresh bud initially used.

Instead of doing what most users do i.e throw out the used herb, the leftover bud can be used to create a various amount of other herbs enriched goodness. The AVB can be used to make such things as cannabutter, AVB coconut oil, capsules or if you’re inclined, why not introduce it into your smoothie?.

7. The Taste

One major benefit to users is the taste created when using vaporizers. Many potential users of herb can be turned off using the product due to a bad first experience. For non-smokers who have tried to smoke herb for the first time, this can be a less than an enjoyable moment.

Further, this can then influence their future opinions on consuming herb again in the future. Vaporizers don’t burn the herbs, reducing that undesirable flavor and taste that’s created when smoking. The taste created through vaporizing is a more organic almost earthy flavor as the terpenes in the bud which are responsible for the majority of the flavor are not burnt away.

Vaporizing allows you to gain a far better understanding of all the various and different herb strains and their own individual authentic flavors.

Vaping – Conclusion

There you have it, our definitive guide to the 7 potential benefits of vaping herb. Ultimately the decision is yours and what suits you and your personal needs. As vaporizing continues to gain popularity it’s important to know the benefits so that you can make the best possible informed decision in the long term.

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