7 Cool Kitchen Gadgets For The Geek Chef!

My mom is a great cook, she can whip up anything in the kitchen from our favorite viand to baked goods. She says her secret is simple, just make sure that you have the right ingredients and the right kitchen tools, and you’ll be all set. I wish I could cook like her. I have a confession, I can make a mean breakfast, but the rest of the other meals are a problem for me.

I know my friend Diana is a great cook. She was so sweet because she sent us a copy of her cookbook. When my mom saw it, she asked for it right away. I guess having a lot of recipes helps a lot since it allows a person to have variety at every meal time. We loved every recipe in there!

Even if I cannot cook, I still love browsing around the cookware or kitchenware section in the department stores. I love the colorful kitchen gadgets. I think more and more designers are creating unique designs to cater to the themes and tastes of modern chefs. Well, geek chefs, do not fret, there are a lot of fun kitchen tools available now to adorn your kitchen too. There is everything from aprons to salt and pepper shakers. You can almost find anything that your geek’s heart desires. I have picked seven to feature here. You can check out other cool kitchen stuff at Think Geek. I think they are all quite cool. What do you think? Any favorites?

Salt and Pepper Robot Shakers – Wind up robots and let them walk across the table.  For geeks too lazy to pass the salt.  Sells for $24.99

Atomic Food Container – If you keep food in these fab containers for too long, the warnings will be real. But until your meatloaf’s atoms decay, these containers will be a great laugh to your kitchen or office or office kitchen.  Sells for $8.99

Microbe  Liquid Soap Dispenser –  Molded plastic liquid soap dispenser in the shape of the common cold (Rhinovirus), but magnified a million times. It will hold 17 ounces of your favorite anti-microbial goop.  Sells for $9.99

Come to the Dark side Apron – They protect your clothes from stray ingredients. They keep things from splattering on you. And this one, in particular, declares your superior geekiness. It makes you master of your own personal Kitchen Stadium.  Sells for  $19.99.

Space Invader Cutting  Board – Handmade and totally awesome, these cutting board depict one of the evil baddies from your coin-op-videogame-past: The totally evil Invader from Space! Supress your urge to PEW PEW PEW him from existence and instead cut veggies on his face!  Sells for $ 129.99

8 Bit Oven Mitt –  Bake cookies like Mario and Luigi.  Sells for $24.99

Hungry Scientist Hand Book –  DIY technology for the kitchen.  Delicious, scientific noms. 20 projects including edible underwear.  On sale now for $14.99