7 Effective Ways To End Your Snoring Problem

Snoring, more often than not, can make it difficult for you or those around you to sleep. Everyone snores on occasion, yet some have chronic snoring problems that usually do not go away on their own. Some people wake up finding themselves having a sore throat, or a headache, or other symptoms, yet others do not. It can also be difficult to know whether or not you snore if you live alone and do not have any symptoms when you wake up.

To figure this out you can download one of several apps, record yourself, or have a friend sleepover to let you know. The first two are the best options if you want to know whether it happens constantly or only on occasion. In the case that you do figure out that your snoring is constant, below you will find seven effective ways to end your snoring problem.

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Rest Your Head On An Elevated Surface

When resting on an elevated level or surface, your airway is less likely to get blocked. Try getting a pillow that is at a higher level than the rest of the bed to allow the airway to open up while sleeping.

Check If You Have Nasal Blockages

Nasal blockages do not allow the air to pass through. Therefore, while sleeping, the nasal blockage combined with the sleeping position can be the reason why you are snoring. If you have nasal congestion, then this may also be a contributing factor as it makes it very difficult for you to breathe through your nose.

Check Which Side Is Better For You

Because not all of us are built the same way, sleeping on one side or the other can make a major difference. For instance, numerous people have a snoring issue when they sleep on their back, as the flesh of the throat relaxes and blocks the airway, making the groggy snoring noise.

Get Some Help

There are several options available that can help to decrease the frequency of snoring. There are special pillows designed to keep your head at a specific angle to keep your airway unblocked. Mouthpieces and strips are also designed to keep your jaw closed, and this aids in making the airway less prone to “slack” and make the noise. Some people dislike the feeling of keeping something in their mouth while sleeping, therefore a less invasive tool is a chin strap.

Chin straps are straps that are placed over your chin and around your head to keep you from opening your mouth and therefore serving the same purpose as mouthpieces/strips. The chin strap reviews found at  https://snoozeez.com/best-chin-straps-for-cpap-masks/  give you some insight into the different kinds available on the market.

This is valuable information because you want to ensure that you get the most effective and comfortable design for you. You’ll find that the best straps are those that are not so tight that they give you a headache, nor are they loose enough that they do not fulfill their purpose.

Weight Loss

Going over the ideal weight for your body type can also be a contributing factor as there tends to be more fatty tissue and less muscle tone, which will inevitably result in your airways getting blocked. The fatty tissue either puts pressure on the airway or directly blocks it, coupled with less muscle strength to keep your airway open, and this results in the air having a harder time getting through and it increases the chances of snoring. In this case, the person does not have to necessarily be “overweight” – carrying some extra weight can also be the case.

Get Enough Sleep

Generally, the most common reason people snore is lack of sleep. When people are tired their airways get blocked because there is no strength for the throat muscle to stay tight, therefore the flesh expands. This makes the passageway for the air you are breathing in and out much smaller, which is what makes the snoring sound. The smaller the airway the louder the snoring, the bigger the airway the quieter the sound.

Avoid Sedatives

Like the previous issue, sedatives give the body the same feeling of being extremely tired, and your throat muscles will relax, making the airway passage even narrower, therefore making it extremely difficult to let the air through freely.

When in doubt, the best solution is visiting a doctor. The case may be severe enough for a routine surgery to be done, and only your doctor will be able to tell you if that is an option or not. Before opting for surgery though, try to get more sleep on a daily basis, exercise, see if losing weight is an option, and try chin straps.

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