7 Road Safety Tips For Large Truck Drivers

When on the road, be careful! How many times have you heard or seen that? From authorities to family, everyone seems to be saying the same thing. Well, safety is paramount. As more and more people take to the roads in vehicles, this is a growing concern. If you drive or simply know someone who does, traffic rules should be your only worry on the road. This is even more applicable to those who steer large vehicles, such as large trucks or trailers. While it is difficult to control such a  gigantic vehicle, we’ll give you some tips about how you may keep yourself and your cargo safe, if you do drive a large truck.

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1. The Triple Contact Points

Employ three contact points at all times. One when you enter the vehicle, one when you exit and the other when using the catwalk to ascend or descend. This actually refers to having one limb connected to your equipment at all times. Failing to do this may cause a potential accident if your truck jerks forward for any reason.

2. Load Carefully And Of Course, Wisely

Do not overload. Try to balance the load equally among the free space available. Read your truck’s manual to see how much load can be safely carried. Overloading or unequally balanced loads may cause your vehicle to flip on its side or develop flat tires. You don’t want that do you? And, in case you want a bigger truck for heavy loads, you can look for an online truck trading site to help you find one.

3. Blind Spots

Know your truck like the back of your hand. Most trucks have are more or less flat on the front, but that definitely doesn’t mean your vehicle has no blind spots. These are the places where you may strike an obstacle or object, or if worse, an animal or a person! Your rear view mirrors should give you a good view in this case.

4. Have Zero Distractions

If you’re on your truck, ensure that your mobile phone is out of reach – yes, out of reach. It is suicidal to try to use a mobile phone or distract yourself by talking to your assistant if he or she is there at all. You may end up driving into someone or something, so store your calls for the end of the journey. Even if it’s your boss!

5. Polarised Sunglasses At Your Aid

It may not be a bad idea to use sunglasses or shades when on the move. They are helpful in shielding your eyes from the Sun’s rays and thus, keeping you from the glare and the potentiality of missing out on obstacles that may appear right up on front. Go for polarised sunglasses, as they block the rays while providing you with near perfect accuracy of your visible surroundings.

6. Reach Late, Reach Safe

Look – we know how angry the client or your boss will be if the load arrives late. However, if you were to choose between safety and delay, which would you pick? If your answer isn’t safety, you should probably give up that license. While time is money, keeping your trucking authority​ and safety is your top priority when you operate such a heavy vehicle. We’re not just talking about your safety, but also that of others.

7. Lights And Belts

Lights on your truck should be left switched on when you’re driving in the rain or in the dark. Basically, switch your lights on if it’s not a bright summer’s day. When seated, remember to keep your seatbelt fastened. This will not only save you from potential brakes, you will also not get a ticket for breaking traffic rules!

If you’ve been at the giant steering wheel, you know how big a responsibility you have. It’s not just about your cargo and your truck, it’s also about the thousands of other cars and people you cross on your journey. Ensure to follow the traffic rules, and in this way, you’ll be making a better world and safer roads for all of us.

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