7 Important Storage Tips – If You Need To Use Personal Storage

If you need to use personal storage, you need to be smart at packing to utilize that space efficiently. You should know what kind of boxes will be required, and where to place each item for storage. Storage companies that also provide packing services are usually wise to the system. Here is a list of storage tips to help you prepare your belongings properly for storage.

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1. Personal Storage – Plan Ahead

It’s smart to make a list of items you need to pack for storage. You can divide them according to their size and safety factors. Make a note of the fragile items particularly. The idea is to fill the boxes in a way to distribute the weight evenly in the boxes.

That is because half-filled boxes tend to bend and deform under the weight of completely filled boxes. So, remember to fill the boxes as much as you can, and place the tools and books in smaller boxes.

Moreover, you need to find boxes of the proper size to accommodate your items. You need to have sturdy cartons, sealing tape, bubble wrap, packing paper, and marker pens, along with any furniture covers you want to use in your personal storage unit.

2. List Your Items

As you are packing your items, note what is in each box. Write down the items in a small notebook or a piece of, as well as, on each box. You can also organize your storage boxes by numbering them,  so you can easily find your items whenever you need them. This organization also helps you to have a better idea of the value of the items you are storing.

3. Packing Smart

Hang your clothes and dresses in wardrobe boxes to keep them protected rather than stacking them in flat boxes. Pack the lamps and lampshades in separate boxes and protect them with plenty of padding. Paintings and mirrors are especially fragile and are more vulnerable to damage, so pad them with lots of paper or blankets.

Clean all the appliances that need to be stored, and make sure to cover and wedge the moving parts, so they will not shift around while moving. Additionally, appliances should be taped shut when being moved.

Use the blue painters’ tape as it’s durable and doesn’t leave behind the tape residue. If you need professional help for packing, Holloway Storage has a team of experts to pack and stack your items with precision so you use the space efficiently in your storage unit.

4. What Not To Store

State laws and common sense determine what should not be stored in a personal storage unit. Only you can control the access to your storage space, so never store perishables, liquids, explosives, fuels, flammable liquids, toxic materials, and other things that need supervision.

If you are storing a vacuum cleaner, remember to remove any food or other stuff you have vacuumed up. When it comes to scented candles, store them in a Rubbermaid container. Empty the gas from gas cylinders or lawn mowers before they go into the storage unit.

5. Create A Center Aisle In Your Unit

If you pack the items with no sense of order, finding specific items in the storage can be very difficult for you.  If your unit is not too small, it’s a good idea to establish a center aisle with packed items and boxes on either side. This helps to access all your items easily. The items you will need the most often should be placed at the front of the unit.

6. Be Careful With The Furniture

When it comes to furniture, use protective covers before storing, and remove the legs tables or other furniture. Store the tabletops and sofas on end to save the space in your personal storage. Trash cans are great for storing hoes, shovels, and rakes in a self-storage unit.

7. Stack Those Boxes Correctly

Use pallets or skids before placing the boxes on the floor of your unit. Also, place the heavier boxes on the bottom, and then stack the lighter ones as you move up. Stack your boxes tightly together to allow more open space in the storage unit.

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