7 Tips To Getting Rid Of A Creative Block

Anyone who immerses themselves in the creative arts will reach a creative or productive block from time to time. Whether you’re a writer, musician, performer, or any other type of artist, you know that the dreaded creative block can manifest itself in various ways.

When a person falls into a creative rut, it can result in a lack of confidence which makes inspiration or focus hard to attain. To ensure your creative process will not be stalled, here are 7 tips to get rid of a creative block.

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Implement A Routine

You would be surprised how establishing a routine can make a person more proactive. It is easy to feel hopeless with a lack of structure. Implementing a daily routine will help you to set a convenient time to approach each activity. You will find that setting a time for your morning coffee and breakfast beforehand will have you more prepared, energized, and inspired to get work done.

Get Inspired

When you are suffering a mental block, sometimes all you need is a little inspiration. When we reach a creative slump, it is almost impossible to get into the right frame of mind. Turning to movies, music, books, and other forms of art can help get us back on track.

As the creative minds from Signature Video Group explain; many artists around the world who have needed a fresh set of eyes have found inspiration in watching motivational and uplifting movies, such as Joy, Rocky, and the Intern. Sometimes, talking and listening to other perspectives also helps by expanding our minds which, in turn, allows for more creativity.

Take A Break

More often than not, a creative barrier means a person is putting too much pressure on themselves to perform a task. This will ensure you don’t get the results you want. Taking a break and coming back to the task at hand will be more effective than forcing yourself to get work done when you’re not in the right headspace.

Taking a long walk, sitting outside in the fresh air, or simply giving yourself a thirty-minute break to listen to music will help clear your mind and have you more relaxed and ready to focus on work.

Change Location

If you typically work in an office space, being confined within the same four walls for long periods can cause you to lose motivation. A change of scenery can do a world of good in the inventive process as it relieves you of tension.

You feel this tension because as soon as you walk into your office space, you are already dreading the pending workload as you are self-aware of your creative block. Place yourself in a warm, positive environment and allow yourself to feel refreshed and revitalized.

Make Notes

If you are affected by a creative barrier, it’s best not to force yourself to complete a project. Instead, make little notes here and there when you become inspired. This will allow you to express ideas and make sure you don’t forget them but also relieves you of the pressure to immediately finish the task. You can set the notes aside, and return to them when you are ready.


Disconnecting from the world can help you overcome an emotional block, especially if you are temporarily lacking confidence. Social media, friends, colleagues, and other outside factors could be hindering your progress if you are comparing the stage you are at to another’s or feeling distracted by the activities your friends are participating in. Disconnect yourself from any disruptions and negative thoughts and you’ll soon start to believe in your abilities again.

Get Organized

The best way to boost productivity is to be organized. You can get organized by creating more structure in your days, or by tidying up a very cluttered office space. Either way, organizing your surroundings will help clear your head.

A messy house makes for a stressful mind. Moreover, it is very hard to concentrate on the task at hand if your thoughts are disrupted by the state of the house, the dishes in the sink, or if you misplaced an important piece of paper and can’t find it in the mess. Remove these obstacles by improving your environment.

A creative block happens to the best of us. However, people tend to give it more power than it holds. The truth is, the psychological effect of thinking mental blockage is hard to overcome, is what causes it to last longer. Follow these very simple tips and you’ll never have to put your goals on hold ever again.

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