7 Top Places To Educate Yourself About Virtually Anything

Information is invaluable and it has always been that way. Luckily for those that get to grow up as part as the current generation, we live in the age of information. The internet and technology, in general, has facilitated the sharing and storing of information beyond the wildest dream of scholars from times past. This will greatly benefit anyone looking to educate themselves about virtually anything.

In this regard, many people are looking to educate themselves and for ways in which they can fully take advantage of the benefits that come with having an internet connection.

Many people want to learn how to take care of themselves by adding new skills to their collection, new traits, and even new interests. [pullquote]There are many ways to do this and some don’t even require an internet connection, but they usually take more time.[/pullquote]

Today, what one person learns throughout paid college can be learned over the internet for free, and that’s just a little sample of the kind of information that has been presented to us through the power of this modern and highly efficient tool.

Those that have limited time to learn new things will be happy to know that there are plenty solutions which allow you to learn valuable new skills in a very small amount of time. Dedicating just a couple of minutes of your day to a specific website can sum up to quite a lot of knowledge under your belt when you draw the line some time later.

For the remainder of this article, we will be looking at some of the websites that are available for those who want to learn. These websites have elements in common such as the fact that they can be extremely helpful and provide a rich collection of information on numerous topics. Let’s take a look at them and see what they can do for knowledge-thirsty individuals.

1. HackaDay

This is the place where can educate yourself and where to go if you like learning material in the form of short tutorials. One of those places is Hackaday. This website specializes in small little hacks that can be helpful on a day to day basis but also provides a weekly guide which is quite large in size and content volume.

The subjects approached here are related to the web and what can be usually found there, so finding this website useful depends on being interested in web-related topics, more or less.

2. eHow

There are times when you need help with something that you don’t do every day or haven’t even done at least once yet, but there are also times when you just can’t find your way with some relatively simple daily tasks. For the latter, it might be a good idea to visit eHow.

This website is very useful to those that visit it, and it is run by a savvy community that provides answers and solutions for those in need. On eHow, you can find the answer to questions you might have had trouble answering in the past. The website also allows its users to search for content but also share it with whoever they want to spread the information around to. A great way to educate yourself.

3. FabHow

FabHow is a great place to learn about natural solutions to daily problems. It also helps you to discover different ways by which you can use whatever surrounds you to create something that you would have otherwise bought from the store.

From skin treatment guides to how to actually make skin treatment ointments from natural products at home, there are a lot of helpful things that can be learned on FabHow, including different life hacks that can be pulled with things you normally find in the kitchen, including foods and even utilities like ice cube trays. And the fact that it is providing competent DIY answers for many day to day problems makes it a very relatable environment.

4. Zen Habits

This is a bit different from the others in the sense that you don’t go to Zen Habits to learn about material or even digital traits. Instead, you learn about yourself and how to apply philosophies that can guide you to a better path of self-improvement.

Self-improvement and also peace within can be hard to obtain sometimes, so having a place where you can find specific help on how to approach certain situations and maintain your composure is very useful.

5. wikiHow

This source of inspiration of content is another community operated project. On wikiHow, users are pretty much happy to explore everything that other people have submitted, which will help them educate themselves more about whatever it is that they are researching. There are a lot of topics that the website managers and community have touched on, and the result is a vast manual of how to make things happen.

6. Lifehacker

The name Lifehacker leaves little room for interpretation as the purpose of this website is to help you find new and inventive ways in which you can do the same daily tasks you’re doing now, only cleaner, faster, and smarter. And it is also overall more efficient and less stressing or demanding.

It’s a great tool to check out when you have a couple minutes of spare time as the things you learn here can be put into practice every single day.

7. Lynda.com

This is probably one of the best-known sources for learning and overall content. There are so many things that can be learned here that it is actually hard to believe someone saying they didn’t find what they were looking for.

On that note, Lynda.com offers learning courses and knowledge about a great many things but it is recognized for its contributions to business and technology, but also the arts, creativity and learning different artistic trades.


There are other sources from which you can expand your horizon as well, but these are some of the most known out there. With the kind of volume of content available on all these platforms combined, it will be hard to believe that you run out of things to learn that easily. It will be quite a while probably before you will be in need of finding new material, but keep in mind that these websites are active, alive and well.

This means that the new content you might be searching for will be arriving at those very same websites as you learn about the already existing content. This is of tremendous help and with just a couple of minutes per day, you can build an amazing knowledge bank which you can further share or put to good use throughout life.

7 Top Places Online To Educate Yourself About Anything

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