8 Best Bridal Shower Fun Ideas

You know the story. Before the rooster moves in, the hens must play. Moreover, you know this because of all the animals, the most fun are the hens as they cluck the night away. When your best friend is about to get married and you want her to have one last outing with you and her other besties, a Gold Coast hens night is the grandest send-off for any young woman.

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1. Temptation Station

If you like to be teased with delicious delights, you and your friends can opt for total temptation. This tempting package includes everything to set your imagination free. From drinks upon drinks to your custom menu, you have the beginnings of a satisfying night of imbibing and dining. As everyone tips toward tipsy, you are served everything by men with bare, glistening chests. This last night of nights is nothing short of endless service by the gods for her, the goddess.

2. Twerk It

Everyone knows how embarrassing and fun karaoke can be, but enjoying a twerk party is the ultimate hilarity as you and your friends get your own lessons from professional dancers. In terms of parties, this is the most fun class you will ever find as it comes with drinks, dinner, and a third serving of laughter. That said, twerking just might be a skill that is delightfully useful on the upcoming wedding night.

3. Hens Cruise

Although hens might not swim, they certainly can cruise, and you and your cackling crew can board a luxurious catamaran where you will enjoy cocktails, fine dining, and endless hours of bare-chested behemoths at your beck and call. The best part is that you can enjoy the sights as you enjoy the setting sun because your boat has arrived, baby.

4. Lux

With this package, you can enjoy dining on the waterfront along with scrumptious desserts. However, delicious food and drinks are only the beginning as you will enjoy the night at one of the most celebrated waterfront nightclubs.

At the club, your booth is private. In fact, it is cordoned, ensuring you enjoy your space. Champagne will be served over and over by muscle-bound, bare-chested servers dedicated to fulfilling your every wish.

Finally, you will enjoy being taken for a ride on your private stretch limousine. From premium sound to champagne, this is the best way to shine on your final night of freedom.

5. A Butler For You

For a whopping three hours, you can enjoy laughing and dining with your besties. You might not have been born into royalty, but your bare-chested butler will make you feel otherwise as he brings you dinner, drinks, and opts for all the fun photos you care to take. Smile, ladies, it is time to eat, drink, and play.

6. Brunch Is Served

If you feel glorious in the morning and less so in the evening, you can enjoy a delicious brunch with your hen friends. The only thing for this fun morning that is required is that you dress up and show up. After that, your every wish is taken care of. The true beauty is that showing up is easy as you ride in style in your own stretch limousine, which delivers you to a day of fun and racing over mimosas and light breakfast fare that will delight your tongue.

7. Club Crawl

If you are wondering why the hen crawled across the road, it is because she had to get to the other pub. Okay, this joke is not nearly as fun as your night will be with your friends as you are chauffeured from one nightclub to another. From dining with ocean views to dancing with her besties, the bride-to-be can celebrate her upcoming wedding with all the style a tipsy hen can muster.

8. Hot Hot Hot

Of all the options available, a night out with stripping firemen is the best way to enjoy a front-row seat in the middle of a raging fire. As the temperature rises, you can ice it down with cold drinks and fine dining as you enjoy the fire chief stripping and gyrating for your pleasure. You will be glad that the drinks are flowing because this show is a five-alarm fire guaranteed to leave the bride-to-be wanting more.

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