Luxurious Life: 10 Foods & Drinks Made With Real Gold

According to the magazines, the food craze right now is all about adding edible gold to our foods and drinks. It sounds like a good idea to me! After all, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel as luxurious on the inside as the outside.

That is, of course, if you are willing to digest gold. Apparently gold is not absorbed into the bloodstream because our bodies can’t break it down. In other words, it just passes right through us to create some really luxurious poop.

It seems like nothing is off limits to creative Chefs around the world as they use their imaginations to make the wildest food fantasies you’ve ever seen. Most of them are too pretty to eat, and others, I would like to taste right now. I’ve put together a list of my ten favorites below. Since I’ve included a soup, chicken and sushi, wine, dessert and a cappuccino, you could technically eat an entire gold inspired dinner from this list. Well, if you can afford it that is. Watch out, you and your credit card are both going to get really full, very quickly!

1. Chocolate Sundae

A restaurant owner in New York City created this chocolate sundae adorned with 18-karat gold (and white diamonds). It’s even made with special chocolate which costs $2,600 per pound. Ordering this dessert will put you back $25,000!

2. Pizza

Not only is this pizza topped with lobster marinated in cognac, caviar soaked in champagne and vintage balsamic vinegar, it covered in 24-karate gold flakes! This pizza was sold for about $4,200. The money went to charity.

3. Wine

This “GOLD” wine has 24-karat gold flakes in it. Nom nom! It is available in the States for only $25 per bottle. It comes in two 2005 vintages. How beautiful!

4. Bagel

This $1,000 bagel is not ordinary creation! It is topped with white truffle cream cheese and gold leaves. Truffles are supposedly an aphrodisiac, and we all know how girls love gold. Someone’s getting lucky tonight!

5. Chicken

Laura Santtini, an Italian cookery writer, said, “People want to feel special in these difficult times and this is an inexpensive way of making a meal more glamorous.” She is pictured here with chicken garnished in gold.

6. Cake

Wow, a $2,500 piece of cake made with gold and diamonds. Hmm… I think that would be about $500 a bite, right? Dang! If you want to buy the whole cake, it will cost you $20,000 big ones. Wth?

7. Sushi

Chef Angelito Araneta, from the Philippines, who also happens to be the same guy who created the cake above must really have a thing for gold and diamonds. He also created this sushi covered in gold and diamonds, which sells for $2,750 for 5 pieces. Gulp!

8. Cappuccino

Now see, I would drink this in a heartbeat. Nom nom! This cappuccino is sprinkled with 24-karat gold instead of cinnamon. At only $25 a cup, I think I would indulge in this little cup of luxury!

9. Caviar

There isn’t a lot to say about this gold caviar except that this itty-bitty jar (2.6 oz.) will cost you about $200. Although I’ve never tasted it, I hear it has a lemon and white wine taste.

10. Soup

This Celery Apple Soup with 24-karat Gold Garnish doesn’t look that good to me; however, the recipe was created by Wolfgang Puck, so it must be delicious, right? He served this soup to celebrities at the Academy Awards a few years back.

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