8 Most Common Hotel Booking Mistakes To Avoid

Booking hotels is as easy as clicking a button. Since there are a lot of services that help you book a hotel room for one or many nights, there is undoubtedly a lot of ways to make a mistake when booking a room. We’ve all been there. However, to minimize these mistakes most medium to large properties use hotel property management software. Not only does this help in managing accommodation and guests, it also helps in cancellations, refunds etc. Here are some of the most common ways to avoid making these costly mistakes.

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1. Cancellations

How often have you booked a room for a non-refundable rate? I will bet you know someone who ended up having to cancel the booking. These rates are enticing since they are the lowest available. This is why it is best for you to find rates that permit cancellations, even if they are a bit higher in price.

2. Time

It’s human nature to want to travel somewhere warm when our current location is freezing. This is why it’s a good idea to book for a hotel in that warmer region earlier than expected. This is most likely a popular destination, as well, and you will be fighting with others for the most affordable rates during the most popular traveling times.

3. Resort Fees

A lot of hotels in resort locations charge mandatory resort fees. This means you will be required to pay extra money to use the internet, bring a pet, = make local phone calls, etc. Not knowing upfront about these fees may end up biting you when you’re booking.

4. Are You Getting A Deal?

This requires some time on your part but is definitely worth the effort. Especially when you see a hotel that advertises a low-price guarantee – and then see another hotel that offers even lower prices. It is also advisable to see which properties offer you the amenities you need; it’s no use paying for a room with free wi-fi access if you don’t plan on using it, just because the room is cheaper.

5. Accommodation

Most hotels allow a certain number of guests per room. (Most hotels in Europe only offer rooms that allow two people maximum.) You can do this by asking the hotel directly during booking or seek the counsel of your travel advisor.

6. Ignoring Basics

There are basic rules when it comes to booking hotels. The convenience of booking online makes these basics easy to overlook. Ignoring these basics forces you to pay more than you want. One basic rule is to book a room in the same part of town you’ll be spending to most time in; that way you won’t have to pay a lot for public transportation.

7. Cancellation

Skipping over fine print is like ignoring a doctor’s order. Fine print will show you exactly what to expect, such as paying a deposit at the time of booking. Prevent this by reading the hotel’s deposit and cancellation policies.

8. Customer Reviews

Every hotel worth staying has reviews from previous guests. How often have you purchased something on Amazon without reading reviews from previous customers? The same principle applies here: you will get a grand idea of what to expect by reading the positive/negative feedback of past guests.


Now that you know what to expect, and how to avoid making these mistakes, you can be more confident when booking for your next trip. No matter where in the world you travel to, always exercise caution. Paying your due diligence during research will keep you from paying more in fees and expenses later on down the road.

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