8 Tips For Buying The Best Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring is as important as asking the question! But what should you take into consideration when it comes to choosing the perfect engagement ring that will leave your significant other breathless?

Let’s see the 10 most important things to check when you buy an engagement ring.

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1. The 4Cs

A diamond engagement ring has to contain the following 4Cs: Carat Weight, Clarity, Color, and Cut.

This is a global standard that will let you compare several diamonds and choose the proper one.

The carat weight determines the size of the diamond. The clarity will make the diamond clearer from blemishes. The cut will make the diamond reflect more light and the color will tell you how rare the diamond is. A colorless diamond is very rare.

2. Diamond Shape, Cut, And Size

You will have to choose from different styles and it’s already difficult to make your choice. There are the popular round diamond shapes when seen face up, but you’ll also see pear, oval, square, heart, rectangle or marquise shaped diamonds.

3. The Metal Of The Band Is Important

Engagement rings are made from different metals, each being appropriate in different conditions. First, you must consider your bride’s taste in jewelry. She could prefer white gold or platinum or maybe she likes gold better. Colorless diamonds work better with platinum or white gold.

The most popular choice for an engagement ring is platinum, as it’s not only beautiful, but it’s also very durable and hypoallergenic. Rose gold is also a great choice, it’s more durable than yellow gold and will look good on any skin tone.

White gold is usually plated with a layer of rhodium for a better shine and a scratch free surface but in time, it will need replanting.

4. The Choice Of Setting And Side stones

The diamond has to be placed in a setting that will not only hold and protect it, but it will also highlight its beauty. When choosing the setting, you must look at how many prongs are used to keep the diamond in place, you will look at the bezel that will protect the stone’s sides and the halo, which is formed by adding tiny diamond around the center stone.

After you’ve seen the setting, you must also think of whether you want side stones or not on the engagement ring. They will make the ring more elegant and sophisticated and will complement the center stone.

5. Check The Diamond In Different Light Conditions

Look at the diamond in different lighting to see if the stone will shine in a diffused light, mixed light and natural light. This is how you can check its performance. You may also choose the most fit stone according to where your soon-to-be-bride spends more time.

6. Choose According To Her Style

You will not be the one who wears that ring, so it’s better to choose one according to her style. You can easily find it out by looking at what she wears more often. You will be able to see the metal she prefers or colors of stones. Ask her best friend for advice if you’re at a loss

She can have a classic style is she prefers more elegant objects around her. The best type of engagement ring will contain a single round diamond or a rectangular-shaped one. If she is more of a romantic, try an Edwardian style ring or a heart-shaped diamond. Some rings come with rubies too.

For a modern style, dare for a new approach. you can try to get a matching engagement ring and a band. If your bride is creative, try the Art Deco style with curved designs or geometric shapes.

7. The Ring Size

It’s better to get the size of the ring right. You can trace on a piece of paper the inner size of a ring she wears or press it on a bar of soap as if to make a mold. You can put the ring on your finger and draw a line on your finger where the ring stops.

8. The Price

You should spend as much as you see fit and how it fits your budget. The ring represents your love, not your three month’s salary!

Bonus Tips

Look for a jeweler that is trusted and has credentials from accredited schools to make sure you are buying a real diamond ring. You will also have to receive a diamond grading report to tell you the characteristics of the diamond you have bought.

And you should also insure the diamond ring. If it gets stolen or gets lost, you will be compensated. Keep the diamond grading report to get the insurance policy with it.

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